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Just you? I still look down on it.

Yes! Brother don\’t worry too much.I don\’t want to worry. The Hundred Races Conference is still two and a half years away. The level of strength of the people of our Lingshen generation is too far apart. Compared with the participants of the previous Hundred Races Conference, the old Wu Yuer , Just barely qualified.Indeed, but in two and a half years, Yu\’er can still make another impact. By then, he should have reached the qualifications to participate, but Jian\’er should be able to make it into the top 100 with confidence.Hao\’er\’s potential is not bad, but unfortunately he is too young. He is only at the level of esteemed. Although there are venerables at the Hundred Clan Conference, the worst is the low-grade holy aptitude.If Hao\’er is growing at this rate, he should be barely eligible to participate in the Hundred Clan Conference two and a half years later, said the two elders.When I think of the direct children of this generation, even the two elders can\’t help but sigh. This generation of qualifications is not bad, but has not grown up, but will the demon gods give them a chance to grow? The Hundred Clan Conference in two and a half years will be a catastrophe for the spirits and gods.However, the spirits and spirits cannot fail to participate unless they give up the silver state area that the entire ethnic group has acquired, and this area, for many branches of the gods, is also a fertile place that makes them greedy. With this area , As long as the Lingshen line develops another two or three generations, it can be stabilized in the four branches of the ancient gods in Yinzhou.Big Brother, if the Demon God Clan does too much, I will wait for a divine battle and fight the Demon God Clan endlessly…Third brother, don\’t get excited, let\’s talk about it depending on the situation then.FTLN 0795 I am the eldest son of GodCultivation has no years, and I don’t know who said this sentence. For Shanghai, it is true. I have been in the spirit and spirit line for almost three years without knowing it. But he had a very fulfilling life.Apart from cultivation, the family relationship of the spirits and spirits, especially the care of grandfather and third brother, make Shanghai feel more warm.During this period, Shanghai again selected five magical skills, nine in total, all of which have been cultivated to a level above the master level. For each one of the magical skills, the difficulty of practicing in the self-secret will be higher, especially after nine kinds of skills. , It is extremely difficult without taking a step on the fifth floor, but he quite likes the feeling of challenge.As the Hundred Clan Conference is about to convene, Lingshen\’s line has entered intense preparations, and all the things it needs are being prepared.The Hundred Races Conference held every three hundred years is a grand meeting of the ancient gods in the middle famine. It will be held in the god city of the middle famine. At that time, branches of the ancient gods of all sizes will participate, and the spirit and god line is no exception, because it represents The interests of the entire ethnic group are divided.Three years ago, the dialect of the head of the demon god clan made the entire Lingshen line feel uneasy. Two years ago, Lingxuanhao and others had been working hard to cultivate and began to retreat, only every three or four months. Will come out to take a breath, after all, this is about the dignity of the spirit and spirit.As the Hundred Clan Conference is approaching, the children of this generation who are eligible to participate are desperately retreating and attacking, to see if they can grind their guns, increase some power, or break into a higher realm, and the self-secret realm, within three months Few people have come before.this day!Shanghai has once again come to the self-secret.It\’s a shock today.

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