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He didn\’t even die…

No more nonsense, Lingxuanyu glowed with blue feathers all over, as if spreading wings, and instantly shuttled into the barrier channel. Although he used magical skills, he only played 30% of the speed. He was afraid that Shanghai would follow. Not on.Just three breaths after she got up, Ling Xuanyu glanced backwards uneasy. When she saw that Shanghai was ten feet behind her, she couldn\’t help but startled slightly.Fifth brother, can you hurry up? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.I can\’t see that your kid is not slow. Okay, my fifth brother will accelerate again. After all, Ling Xuanyu is also young and energetic. Shanghai was still following behind, as if strolling in a leisurely courtyard, it was shocked.Obviously, the speed of Shanghai is more than that.Ling Xuanyu looked at the pace of Shanghai. When he saw his figure twinkling, his cheeks twitched slightly, because he was not unfamiliar with this body method, and he used this body method when he first cultivated—— The basic magic skills \”flash\”.It is indeed a \”flash\”, but why is Shanghai so fast? Could it be that he has already repaired \”Flash\” to the level of transformation?Fifth brother, third brother seems to be in front, I will go up first.Shanghai is also a little worried about accidents within the clan. Although he was the first time in the spirit and god line, the blood relationship passed down makes him feel like he has returned to his second hometown, without the slightest strangeness and rejection. , On the contrary, there is a feeling of being part of this place.Moreover, he is eager to see his parents, he hasn\’t seen him in 20 years, and he doesn\’t know how they are now.Although the surrounding gods had terrifying power, Shanghai Tianjue was able to fully perceive the movement of the gods.Eighth brother… don\’t be reckless, you are not familiar with the road here, once you stray into…Ling Xuanyu hadn’t finished speaking. Shanghai had already disappeared. This speed made him startled on the spot. After reacting immediately, his heart was full of anxiety, but after seeing the trail left in the void, Stuck in place on the spot.That was the correct way of walking, and there was no mistake. If it weren\’t the first time I saw Shanghai, Ling Xuanyu would really treat Shanghai as a clan who had lived in the clan for many years.Ling Xuanhao was flying fast, and suddenly felt someone approaching behind him. He was startled, frowned, and shouted without looking back: \”Fifth brother, what are you doing with you, didn\’t you let you take care of your eighth brother? If the eighth brother strayed into the god pattern formation, something unexpected happened, then see how you explain to your grandfather, don\’t go back soon.\”Three brothers, it\’s me.Eight… Eighth brother…Ling Xuanhao\’s figure suddenly stopped, and he almost slammed into the god pattern formation. He quickly turned his head, and then he saw that Shanghai was only about thirty feet away from him, and he was immediately stunned.You know, Lingxuanhao was the first to start, and he still used his physical skills with all his strength. Even the fastest fourth among the brothers may not be able to catch up with him in a short period of time, but Shanghai was in a short moment. Just came from behind.However, he was not as surprised as Ling Xuanyu, it is estimated that it should be the inheritance of the powerful magic skills left by the sixth uncle, so Shanghai is so fast.

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