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The fierce killing intent hit, and Shanghai keenly felt it.

Slowly pouring out that drop of blood of the descendants of the gods, I saw blood like flames falling on the palm of Shanghai\’s left hand.The palm was immediately burned through, and the severe pain caused Shanghai to tremble. The blood quickly turned into countless strands, spreading along his left arm, and wherever he passed, the original full flesh and blood shrivelled down, tyrannical and manic. The power of the flames of the gods spread to the whole body.It was just a breath of time, and the water on the whole body in Shanghai was evaporated, and the whole person was like a shriveled corpse. If it weren\’t for breathing between the sniffles, I am afraid it would be no different from the dead.The bloodline power of this first-generation direct descendant is more than dozens of times stronger than that of the second-generation, it\’s almost a hundred times more…Shanghai\’s mind has long since receded. At this moment, his expression has not changed at all because of his shriveled face, but his pain is far greater than he has ever absorbed the blood of the second generation of gods.Although the power of the flame gods impacted in the body, Shanghai could barely support it due to the moisturizing and protective effects of the gods\’ heavenly essence.Time didn\’t allow him to think about it any more, because the gods and gods were constantly consuming, immediately urging the blood of the ancient demon in the body to swim around the limbs, madly swallowing the power of the blood of the flame god, this process was undoubtedly the most painful.Strands of flame god bloodline power lurked deep in Shanghai\’s body, burning his body, while the ancient demon bloodline was extremely domineering when it was absorbed, and every time it swallowed, it was like countless sawtooths exerting force on the flesh and blood of Shanghai. Rubbingly.Fortunately, with the gods and spirits, the power contained in the blood of the descendants of the first generation of gods is too terrible. If you want to absorb them without the gods and gods, you must at least reach the level of the king to barely bear it… … Shanghai Xin said.The absorption of the flame god\’s bloodline was extremely smooth, and only a small part of it had been absorbed in a moment, and the remaining half of the pain caused to Shanghai had been reduced to a range that was enough to bear.It seems that it\’s almost done. After absorbing the blood of these flame gods, it will almost stabilize me at the peak of the gods. It will take another year and a half to break through to the realm of nobles. It will not be a difficult task to break through to the realm of the venerable. Shanghai is ready to put away his mind. .Suddenly!The blood of the flame gods lurking all over the body quickly gathered together, as if hundreds of rivers converge in the sea, all condensed near the sea of ​​qi in Shanghai. This abnormal change caused Shanghai\’s abdomen to feel a scorching pain, as if it was about to be burned. Wear the same.The dispersion of the blood of the flame gods can make Shanghai almost unable to bear the pain, let alone the concentration of the blood of the gods in one place, the power has almost doubled, and the internal organs of Shanghai are about to burn. NS.Although the blood of the ancient demon is strong, it only has a few strands, and it is impossible to absorb the power of the blood of these flame gods in a short so……There was a big shock in Shanghai\’s heart. When he had absorbed the blood of the second generation of gods, he had not encountered such a situation before, even if it was the blood of the god king Xuanyuan, why did the blood of the first generation of gods have such an abnormal situation ?While thinking, a strange consciousness emerged from the abdomen. This consciousness was weak, but extremely tough, and contained the will of the gods.This is……Shanghai\’s heart suddenly sank, \”The unconscious consciousness of the gods remaining in the bloodline…\” This discovery was very bad for him.

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