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Mu Zhao directly slipped them to her eyes and looked at her with deep eyes.

Li Siyu smiled indifferently and said, \”thank you for your concern. I know it in my heart. Don\’t worry, I\’ll pay attention to it in the future.\” Li Siyu was still surprised at Qinchuan\’s sudden concern. However, the two were classmates, and it was normal to care. Qinchuan sighed helplessly. He was really hearty. \”OK, you must call me if you have something. I\’m a boy and I\’m stronger than you.\” \”OK, I\’ll come to you when there\’s trouble!\” Li Siyu said goodbye to him with a smile, and then returned to the bedroom. As soon as she entered the door, the atmosphere inside was not quite right. Wang Yuanyuan sat in her lower bunk, her face was cold, and looked at the ground and didn\’t speak. Others were silent, as if they were trying to narrow down their existence. Li Siyu was a little puzzled, but she didn\’t speak, so she returned to herself Wang Yuanyuan got up and ran out. Her move eased the atmosphere of the whole dormitory. \”What\’s the matter?\” Li Siyu asked suspiciously. \”Hey, don\’t mention it.\” Wei Panpan waved his hand and said, \”a hairpin Wang Yuanyuan fell on the shop in the morning is missing. Everyone bought it and there\’s no need to steal it. Who can take it?\” Li Siyu didn\’t expect that this card could be lost, and it\’s not a good thing. Everyone bought it from her that day. No, Wang Yuanyuan didn\’t buy it, and the man\’s hands and feet are not clean. But isn\’t she a teacher object? If she eats and drinks a lot, she can still miss these two dollars? Li Siyu doesn\’t know what\’s going on. Usually everyone locks the door, except the dormitory No one in the room could open the door. \”Wang Yuanyuan must have gone to find Zhao Xuemei.\” Wen Yueshan lay on the upper bunk reading and suddenly jumped out. \”Do you think she thought Zhao Xuemei took it?\” Li Siyu didn\’t know. She didn\’t catch anyone, and she didn\’t dare to come to a conclusion easily. But Zhao Xuemei\’s case record had disgusted her before, which was her first impression. Anyway, she didn\’t lose anything. It depends on how Wang Yuanyuan found her hairpin. On the other hand, Zhao Xuemei was showing Guan Wen with a hairpin. She pinned the hairpin on her head curtain and looked very handsome Qiao. Guan Wen couldn\’t help stroking her face, \”Xuemei, you look good today.\”

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