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Therefore, Shen Ling no longer cares about the side effects of this medicinal diet.

Outside, Li Siyu found two old-fashioned paintings of mirrors and pasted them. They look like that. Secretary Zhao was really satisfied when he saw two bottles of exquisitely packaged shampoo. \”The shampoo is different from the pancreas. The packaging is so beautiful.\” \”really?\” Li Siyu smiled and handed it to her. How can the things he packaged be bad. Secretary Zhao handed her fourteen yuan and said, \”if there is anything rare in the future, I\’ll come to you. Officer Li won\’t bother me at that time.\” \”how can it? Secretary Zhao is so polite.\” seeing that she didn\’t want to leave, Li Siyu patiently chatted with her. She found that Secretary Zhao had been asking about her, but Li Siyu easily resolved it. In the end, Secretary Zhao didn\’t ask one, two or three questions, which surprised her. However, looking at the end of work, Secretary Zhao didn\’t stay much, so he had to go back reluctantly. \”Small sample, still want to talk about something.\” Li Siyu smiled. It seems that Secretary Fu has begun to pay attention to her. This reaction made her more sure that the deputy secretary was trying to use her idea. If Secretary Fu didn\’t ask her to come over for questioning, it was no big deal. Maybe the publication of the article was just easy, and the Deputy Secretary appreciated her. But now Secretary Zhao\’s action can only let her determine the reality of being used. If the deputy secretary had not intervened in this matter, even if Li Siyu\’s manuscript could be published, the winery would not pay attention to a small person like her. But if a big man intervenes in one thing, it will become different. Chapter 196 visit to the winery since Secretary Fu has taken action, Li Siyu is not a person waiting to die. She is going to continue her visit to the winery in the next two days. Group leader Zhou has promised to help her make a name. Then the deputy secretary is willing to send it as a thigh. She has to hold it tight. Afraid that the deputy secretary would regret it, he made himself a pawn. When it comes to pitching people, Li Siyu doesn\’t take a Ben with him. In the next two days, she took care of all the work on her head and began to visit the winery. Since the deputy secretary is willing to help her, she doesn\’t need to be published in the newspaper once. She has to go on.

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