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Mother Qinghe felt bad, so she had to cry more and more miserable, but this time she was confused. Empress Dowager Cheng just came out of the quiet Buddhist hall. Mother Qinghe cried so bitterly that she always felt that she had committed a taboo. She was suddenly upset, but she didn\’t show it on her face.

The old lady looked at the old girl and smiled with a smile on her face. \”Not the quilt you gave Cheng Yue two days ago?\” Li Siyu was stunned. \”Mom, do you want that?\” she really didn\’t expect the old lady to like bright red. Where does the old lady want to cover a red quilt, it can\’t be laughed at! \”No, I mean, don\’t give them such good things in the future. It\’s good for you to keep them. You should get married in another two years.\” Li Siyu told her that she would get married in another two years. In fact, the old lady wants her to get married as soon as possible. After all, she is old enough. Those sixteen or seventies in the countryside are not married. But Li Siyu wants to wait two years. She can\’t say anything. Just make the old girl happy. \”It\’s all right. I can\’t buy anything with money now.\” Li Siyu doesn\’t like anything red and green. Isn\’t that dark blue quilt very good? Old lady: just be happy. In the next few days, the office was particularly peaceful, and sun Xiufen stopped being a demon, making Li Siyu wary. Isn\’t it another big move? Sun Xiufen really didn\’t hold back. She has been in a panic since director Zheng didn\’t mention it two days ago. I wondered if Li Siyu gave a gift, otherwise I wouldn\’t check it? In fact, director Zheng doesn\’t want anything from the trade union at all, because what sun Xiufen did last time is already very ugly. If something happens during the whole process, will the reputation of the trade union be lost? With this consideration, director Zheng did not severely punish sun Xiufen before. But Sun Xiufen doesn\’t think so. She thinks Li Siyu must have given gifts. Unfortunately, she has no evidence, so she can only do it in a hurry. Before leaving work in the afternoon, Li Siyu was called to the office by director Zheng again.

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