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However, Mu Zhao didn\’t hear it. Why do you keep away every time I see you? Am I so scared? he looked puzzled

\”Siyu! I\’m here!\” Tao Dan sat on a row of small wooden stools and waved to her. Li Siyu went to see her alone. \”Just yourself?\” Tao Dan nodded. \”Gaoyuan went shopping. Anyway, we\’re not on our way back, so we\’ll go our own way.\” chapter 69 communication meeting Li Siyu didn\’t care where Gaoyuan went. Anyway, it didn\’t matter to her. He just asked casually. She looked at a lot of people inside and sighed, \”there are so many people here. It would be nice if it were the same outside.\” Tao Dan nodded, \”no, it can only be seen here. I\’m afraid it can\’t be seen outside.\” \”today I\’m taking your nephew out.\” Tao Dan saw Li Chengcai behind. The boy looked at many people in front and always wanted to go and have a look. Li Siyu naturally noticed that Li Chengcai was like this. She nodded, \”take him out and save holding it at home.\” Tao Dan saw that he was anxious, so he smiled and said, \”let\’s go and have a look.\” \”well.\” Li Siyu pulled Li Chengcai, who had never seen the world, into the crowd and watched as he walked. \”Auntie, Auntie!\” Li Chengcai lowered his voice, pulled Li Siyu\’s sleeve in surprise, pointed to a booth inside and said, \”that\’s a radio!\” Li Siyu looked down where he pointed to the past. It was indeed a radio, but there were only three, with two brands on it. One hundred and twenty-one radios. It\’s not expensive yet, but Li Siyu doesn\’t plan to buy it now. He still has to wait until he\’s finished shopping. You have to buy something you can use first. This radio is of little use. That is, the old lady is fine at home. She wants to buy one, but she\’s not in a hurry yet. Tao Dan was interested. Look at this and that. There are few grain sellers, but there are still many defective products in those factories. After all, these things are their most, and other food is still tight. Now the land planted has just emerged, and I\’m afraid it will take until the second half of the year to harvest grain.

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