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At this time, Shen Ling is happy to walk with Shen Xian in the street, knowing nothing about tomorrow.

Boom! The mighty force of thunder sped out and turned into a pillar of light, coming heavily towards Fang Yang and others. Look at this lightning light column, which is less than twice as strong as before. The faces of several people suddenly changed. Fang Yang drank fiercely, the Yin and Yang in the body opened disorderly, and the Xuanqi burst. The nine palace sword directly danced into a sword curtain to resist. He was the first to block the lightning beam, and the whole person was heavily hit into the waves under him. But the Dragon matchless three people rushed up one after another. The Golden Dragon halberd galloped. With the help of the Golden Dragon shadow, this move also directly hit Lei Qilin. Even if his scales trembled, the thunder was filled with light. Wan Sen\’s dragon breath spits out, and the green awns surge up, which is covered by countless vine plants. Under the action of green dragon breath, Lei Qilin is also shrouded. At first glance, the whole Lei Qilin seemed to be entangled in the deep jungle and couldn\’t get rid of it. \”Good chance!\” Ao Hai was overjoyed and rushed up. When Lei Qilin couldn\’t get rid of the vines, he could get the most from close range! With the help of water waves, Fang Yang finally managed to float out from the impact of the lightning beam. When he saw Ao Hai\’s behavior, his face changed slightly: \”don\’t get close!\” Ao Hai ignored it and controlled the sea dragon FA Xiang to be close to the vine. Just as he was about to urge the dragon breath and freeze Lei Qilin in the cold ice, there was a muffled sound. The vines around Lei Qilin were instantly blown to pieces. Lei Qilin\’s body with thunder light was horizontal in front of him. Compared with the real dragon Dharma, Lei Qilin was really insignificant and small, but the comparison of their body momentum was just the opposite. The breath on the huge sea dragon is not weak, but compared with Lei Qilin, the sea dragon is like a grain of rice candle, while Lei Qilin is a burning sun! Lei Qilin\’s cold eyes fixed on the sea dragon in front of him. Then he slowly opened his mouth. \”Flash!\” Fang Yang roared at the bottom. After being suppressed by Lei Qilin\’s momentum, he suddenly reacted. He turned white and tried his best to attach the dragon power around him to the front. Even the congenital Xuanbao used it to form a huge shield to wrap his body, hoping to block Lei Qilin\’s attack. But the next moment, the thunder light in Lei Qilin\’s mouth suddenly burst out. Whoosh! The people only felt that the light in front of them flashed, and they had to blink. When they saw the air again, they were only shocked. \”Ao Hai!\” the dragon has no two sides and no blood color.

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