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She looked at a group of people praised by the Empress Dowager in front, we really have too little vision. Look at what some girls wear and then look at us. We are really a bumpkin.

It\’s Fang Yang. Is this the real strength of Fang Yang? Huofei was stunned. After seeing that scene at a close distance, he couldn\’t forget it. The ten silver armor generals who chased themselves and almost had to deal with self explosion have never made a move in Fang Yang\’s hands. Doesn\’t that mean that people like him don\’t even have the qualification to make a sword? Huofei laughed at himself. It turned out that he was always arrogant. The reason why Fang Yang didn\’t accept his provocation should be that he didn\’t want to bully him. Now in retrospect, his previous actions were ridiculous enough to \”go back.\” Fang Yang said in a deep voice. Huofei was stunned, and then nodded. He turned his head and looked. There was wind dance beside fengxiao behind him, as well as leaders and several people of Fenghuo tribe. They should all come because of their own traps. Unexpectedly, they witnessed Fang Yang\’s strength with their own eyes. Only with such strength can we have the opportunity to save their Fenghuo tribe! Everyone thought like this. Even the wind dance, which was most angry with Fang Yang, was full of light in his eyes at this time. Although the back is not tall and burly, it gives people an extremely comfortable sense. Chapter 750 the ghost black dragon Fang Yang looks coldly on the soldiers of the Longyuan Dynasty. They have organized so many people that they can\’t just deal with two people in the Fenghuo tribe. They must have another plan. In this Fenghuo tribe, there are only those who are worth fighting and setting traps. Needless to say, there are only themselves. \”Next, is it the real battle?\” the Yin-Yang and Xuan Qi in Fang Yang\’s body moved and slowly curled out. With the blessing of Xuan Qi, the black-and-white light floated on his body, with an awe inspiring momentum. After seeing Fang Yangchu surprised, the gold armor general over there also had bright eyes and mixed surprise and joy. He said with a ferocious smile: \”you\’ve finally come. We\’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Now you don\’t want to leave!\” it\’s up to you? \”Fang Yang raised his eyebrows and sneered at the corners of his mouth. The nine palace sword in his hand trembled slightly. The sword was awe inspiring and ready to go. The golden armor general was happy and fearless, with a grim smile on his face: \”do you think we have this ability? Now let\’s show you what we have prepared for you!\” while he spoke, he roared and stepped out step by step. At the same time, Fang Yang obviously saw a huge black gas burst around him, and the black smoke curled up from all over him and quickly filled the air, It was like a black cloud that shrouded him in it.

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