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However, after these two encounters, from the confidence at the beginning to the complete disappointment now, Empress Dowager Yang has been discouraged.

Chapter 694 the mission starts. The two sides are noisy and the atmosphere is stagnant. However, the people still don\’t forget their identity. They are the same three forces, and it\’s difficult to quarrel directly here. The eagle nose man snorted coldly: \”if you don\’t participate, we can come by ourselves without tianmeng! When we get the dragon card, you don\’t have your share.\” Wang Shanming said calmly: \”Help yourself.\” \”let\’s go!\” the man with a hooked nose also got up impolitely. He took his men and turned his head to the outside, angrily pushed open the door and disappeared. The rest frowned and couldn\’t say anything. Sun Yizhi, deputy leader of the fire hall, said: \”The strength of wutianmeng is extremely important. Now you force them away, which is bad for our actions.\” he said to Wang Shanming in a bad tone. Wang Shanming looked at him: \”is hall leader Sun the one who doesn\’t hesitate to give his people\’s lives to win the golden dragon card?\” \”I didn\’t say that.\” Sun Yizhi was angry and glared at Wang Shanming. \”When they left, they left, and our actions will continue.\” Wang Shanming looked at the beautiful woman, \”I don\’t know if Mrs. Lengyu has any good ideas.\” the beautiful woman who became Lengyu shook her head slightly: \”just act normally. Our Jianghe villa is only assistance this time, and the specific matters are still based on your dragon cutting meeting.\” Hearing this, Wang Shanming nodded. This is the best way. Another arrogant generation like an eagle nose man appeared in the province. I\’m afraid the cooperation of the three forces will be difficult to complete. Now Lengyu woman doesn\’t mean to dominate the host, so Wang Shanming is gentle to discuss. \”In five days\’ time, Jiang Tianbing\’s wedding will be held. At that time, Jiang Tianyan, as his younger brother, will personally lead the team and escort Shui qianrou to Tianbing city. At this moment, Tianyan city\’s defense is lax. Our main purpose is to save Zhao Ming and his family.\” Wang Shanming slowly opened his mouth, \”On that day, we were divided into two groups. One group went directly to the prison where Zhao Ming and others were escorted. The other group was responsible for making trouble in Tianyan city. The bigger the movement, the better. The more people we attracted, the better. It would make it convenient for us to act.\” the cold jade woman nodded and said no objection. \”How should we divide it?\” Sun Yizhi asked. Wang Shanming pondered: \”the full-time rescue team must move fast enough to break through the defense of the prison in the shortest time and go deep into it to save Zhao Ming and others. Therefore, we should assign most of our combat power to the first team.\”

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