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Chapter 4 initial meeting

\”Where is this?\” if it was swallowed by the clam sea, it should have been in his stomach and surrounded by soft meat. But Fang Yang now saw that behind him was a palace made of blue jade. At this time, he was lying on the steps in front of the palace. Hallucinations? Fang Yang couldn\’t help thinking so. But the clam swallowed itself. What\’s so powerful that it still creates an illusion to affect itself? He hesitated. He wanted to recover his wounds first, but just moved the Xuanqi, he felt that the meridians of his whole body were like needles, and the Xuanqi in the vortex shrank back before it flowed out. Fang Yang snorted stiffly, and his face turned white with pain. His mood was also low. With his physical condition at this time, he could not recover in a short time. But his pill had been swallowed, and there was no external force to rely on. Even if Fang Yang\’s flesh and blood are strong and can heal itself without Xuanqi and pills, after all, the wound is too heavy. This healing is not a simple thing. I don\’t know how long it will take to expect the flesh to heal and recover. Hesitating, Fang Yang\’s eyes saw the palace behind him. Then, he stood up unsteadily. Fortunately, although the trauma was serious, he still had some mobility. Therefore, Fang Yang slowly walked to the door of the palace. The palace is not magnificent, but it has an extremely distant feeling. The Palace door is closed. Fang Yang reaches out to touch it and touches the cold. He uses his strength, but he can\’t push the door leaf. Just as Fang Yang\’s eyebrows wrinkled, with a roar, the Palace door in front of him suddenly opened by itself. As soon as the door leaf was opened, a cold current rushed out in an instant, rolling up a cold water mist on both sides of the door leaf. The palace was so dark that Fang Yang couldn\’t see through the darkness. He hesitated and finally made up his mind to go in. I don\’t know where it is, but since it can be in the mouth of the clam sea, it must be not simple. At this time, he was badly hurt. It was better to fight for wealth than to wait for death. Fang Yang stepped in, and the Palace door behind him closed again. It\’s strange to say that in the dark palace, with the closing of the door, it suddenly lights up. Many night pearls are inlaid on the surrounding walls, each of which is the size of an egg. They are extremely precious and shine brightly, making the whole hall clearly visible. The scope of the palace is not large. The first thing you see is the huge main hall, all kinds of exquisite jade, bright and emerald crystals, and a chill in the water light. There are more than ten steps in front of the hall. When you step into the second floor, you should be the master bedroom. Fang Yang began to think whether the palace was also a legacy of an ancient sect, but now it looks more like a person\’s palace.

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