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If you don\’t like it, you have to pinch her once.

Fang Yang thought of this place and looked into the distance. Sun rukong is the 64th expert on the Dragon list. He is nicknamed soul saint, especially his heaven and earth stick, which has the power of space and can give full play to his power. Although the body of the jade tree is powerful, it can not be broken if sun rukong tries his best. After all, sun rukong\’s inside information is here, but he is the same at this time It\’s hard to estimate what happened here because of the entanglement of blood demons. Fang Yang\’s mind fluctuated. Then he made up his mind and moved his body. He no longer entangled with Jiang bieshu in front of him, but flew away. Jiang bieshu smiled: \”Kuishan, it seems that your little brother knows my power and has fled quickly. Can you still turn over?\” He shot one after another with a surge of wooden Qi. Kuishan was also stretched out and quite embarrassed under his attack. However, Kuishan completely ignored his provocative words. He knew Fang Yang\’s character. If Fang Yang was really a person who would be alone when he saw danger, he would not come to rescue him many times when he was in danger. He wanted more now, but in jiangbie Just hold on under the attack of the tree! Fang Yang must have his own plan! Thinking of this, Kui mountain roared and defended to attack, firmly blocking the jade tree body of Jiang bieshu here. On the other side, sun rukong fought with the blood demon Tong Yu again and again. The visions and dark Qi fluctuations from a distance can\’t hide sun rukong. He felt the enhancement of wood Qi and the roaring explosion, His mind is also tight. He knows that something may be wrong. He can\’t delay any longer and end the blood devil as soon as possible! Thinking of this, sun rukong\’s attacks are also frequent, but the man in front of him is Tong Yu\’s body, he still takes a little care and is still difficult to win in a short time. The blood devil smiles and fights with sun rukong so many moves, he is also against each other Sun rukong knows his mind like the back of his hand. The more sun rukong does this, the more favorable it is for himself. When the two fight, the blood devil simply doesn\’t dodge when the other party\’s strong attack is about to hurt himself. At this time, he will let Sun rukong\’s attack show his flaws, but save the danger. This move has been tried repeatedly, and the blood devil has some regrets, such as If it wasn\’t because his blood and gas had been wasted too much in the previous World War I, if he could give him one tenth of his strength, he would be sure to kill sun rukong here! \”Such rich blood and gas must find a way to taste it.\” The blood devil\’s eyes twinkled, and he suddenly wanted to come. He smiled with pity and then walked up. His palms moved, and the blood fog of the canopy condensed into blood palms. But sun rukong\’s flesh and blood held Yuan Yi, as stable as Mount Tai, and would not be affected by his blood. When the two fought, he saw that it was white hot, the blood devil\’s attack suddenly stopped, and he covered himself up The blood in his eyes made a struggling look on his face and shouted to sun rukong, \”brother, save me!\” sun rukong was stunned, and then his eyes lit up: \”Tong Yu!\”

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