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This white flour? Or rich and strong powder!

Not only them, but even Zheng Wanli\’s eyes were indifferent. He saw the position in front of him. After many years of dust, the originally huge Palace door finally opened slowly. With the opening of the Palace door, the colored glass floats and is colorful. Under this light, the purest dragon Qi penetrates from it. The Palace door opens and the main hall emerges! But the main hall of the Dragon Palace finally opened. Chapter 519 Panlong main hall \”finally fucking opened.\” Fang Yang struggled to sit up, covered his chest and vomited blood. Just one step away, he was about to say goodbye to Renshi. At this time, he fell in front of the palace gate. It can be said that he was the nearest person here. The strong smell of dragon came from it. When it flowed to Fang Yang, Fang Yang suddenly frowned. He only felt that the cells all over his body were constantly trembling, as if he had a general desire for the dragon breath. He could clearly feel the dragon breath into his body. Under this vigorous vitality, Fang Yang\’s broken viscera, blood and flesh recovered quickly under the nourishment of the dragon breath. \”It\’s OK.\” Fang Yang\’s face is dull. Based on his previous experience, it is clear that the effect of dragon Qi is intimidating. He has never heard of the recovery effect of entering the body independently. Is it the reason for the essence of the dragon? He turned to see that no one would enjoy the bonus of dragon breath except himself. Not to mention anything else, Zheng Wan\’s dull look was obviously captured by the sudden dragon breath, and his consciousness was in a trance. The reason why he didn\’t kill Fang Yang in one fell swoop was also because of the influence of dragon Qi. His own dark Qi was not controlled, and the yellow sand was scattered. \”What are you waiting for? Hurry in.\” at this time, a man\’s voice suddenly came to Fang Yang\’s ear. He was shocked, turned around and found that Quebec mountain was waving to him stealthily. As the palace was opened, he was also sober from meditation. After feeling the breath around him, Kuishan was also greatly surprised. Knowing the danger here, he quickly whispered to Fang Yang. Fang Yang woke up and took a deep breath. Under the nourishment of the strong dragon breath around him, his wounds were a little better. At least there was no problem in his action. He immediately moved lightly and approached Kui mountain. Fang Yang looked down at Kuishan and found that his state at this time was really much worse than before. Perhaps it was due to the loss of his own mysterious Qi. His body shape was a little transparent, which seemed to dissipate at any time. Immediately, Fang Yang did not dare to waste and neglect. When the people did not wake up, he immediately rushed into the Palace door with Kui Shan\’s body. At this time, looking at the golden lion over there quietly, he suddenly felt a pain in his palm and a slight relaxation. The strange figure who had not died under the concussion of his continuous mysterious Qi suddenly rushed out and quickly rushed into the main hall.

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