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Cadre Liu, we must spare more this time. My family has something urgent to spend money recently.

The ferryman is also managed by the people in the netherworld passage, and his status is not very high. After all, the ferryman can\’t cultivate. In the face of the suppression of large groups of martial artists, he has no capital to resist. Therefore, Mao San\’s greatest pursuit is to improve his strength. Although the ferryman can\’t cultivate Xuanqi because of the netherworld Qi in his body, the netherworld Qi can be swallowed Refining, there are too many ordinary nether Qi, so they can\’t start. Only the martial artists of high cultivation use special techniques to seal the nether Qi into nether amulets, which is their favorite thing. They gossip all the way and move forward in chaos in the dark nether Qi. I don\’t know how long they have been moving forward, Fang Yang and Wen ruo\’s spirit was shocked. What I saw was filled with A bright light appeared in the darkness. \”You\’re about to reach the nether passage. You can grasp it. I\’m going to speed up!\” Mao San reminded him, then took the oar with both hands and slapped it heavily. The canoe that had been moving smoothly seemed to be involved in the rapids, and its speed increased greatly, like a long arrow away from the string. Fang Yang only felt the wind and lightning around him, and the speed of the ordinary canoe under him at this time was no less than that of yunbizhou. He could not see it in such a hurry The light in front also gradually increased, and finally became dazzling and difficult to see. The canoe took off after a heavy meal and plunged into the light in an instant. Bang. I don\’t know how long it took for the canoe to fall to the ground. With the help of strong recoil, it flew out a long distance and slowly stopped its momentum. Fang Yang\’s body was strong and had no impact in this huge earthquake Mao San and Wen Ruo Huo looked a little embarrassed. They fell down in the canoe and struggled to sit still after a half ring. Mao San hit a bruise on his dark cheek and grinned, \”Hey, I haven\’t mastered my landing skills yet.\” Hearing the speech, Fang Yang could only roll his eyes. Then he stood up and finally looked around

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