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Forget it, go back first. It has frightened the snake. Let him run away this time.

Li Bei couldn\’t care to say, \”take cover first! The colorful real Luan is coming down!\” the people looked up and saw that the colorful real Luan was only a hundred meters away from them. The hot fire came face to face, and the flesh and blood on the human body with low cultivation began to scorch quickly and howl miserably. Several people ran in a panic, and moved to the side of the Wutong tree. This Wutong tree is the place where ancient Phoenix and Phoenix fall, and it has the effect of absorbing fire. It is obviously the most secure approach to Wutong tree. Ao Ling didn\’t know when she also returned to Fang Yang. Although she was unwilling, she also knew that she was not the opponent of the four people. She was very angry. \”What\’s the matter?\” Ao Ling frowned and asked Xiang Fangyang. Is the return of the colorful real Luan related to Fang Yang? Fang Yang was furious when he saw her: \”shit, are you trying to kill me? Didn\’t you hear me shout!\” if Ao Ling untied the Xuanqi in time, Fang Yang wouldn\’t fall to this point. Ao Ling dodged his eyes and knew that he had lost his sense of propriety in his previous anger. He muttered in a low voice: \”he\’s not dead.\” Fang Yang gnashed his teeth: \”untie the seal for me now, or we\’ll all die here.\” \”why?\” Ao Ling hesitated. \”Didn\’t you see the colorful real Luan rush down? Don\’t talk nonsense. You want to die. I have to save my friend!\” Fang Yang couldn\’t care any more and directly scolded. Ao Ling\’s face was red and angry when he was scolded, but when he thought of the situation at this time and his previous actions, he could only hum fiercely and play a few tricks to loosen the water soul lock Xuanhuan between Fang Yang\’s inner houses. Fang Yang only felt that the inner house was light, and the familiar Xuanqi rushed out immediately. His eyes flashed, just at this time, the huge body of the colorful real Luan had fallen straight down, Fang Yang pure Yang Xuan Qi in the whole body surging, hold the Ao Ling, can\’t care what to say, toward the back of Wutong tree bumped past. On the side of Wutong tree, the movement of Fang Yang\’s Wooden escape was moved, and the two body\’s body disappeared. At this moment, the endless flames filled the whole valley. The 368th chapter is the ugly bird, who runs the wood escape at the critical moment, and directly with the help of Wutong tree, it disappears between the valley. Wutong\’s Wutong tree was to escape from the upper part of the Wutong tree. He fled with the help of the mysterious spirit. He suddenly felt that the plane was hollow, so he turned the target into Ao tree. As soon as their footsteps fell, Fang Yang shook his hand and pushed Ao Ling forward. His eyebrows stood up and he was angry. Just about to scold, Ao Ling over there smiled cunningly and pinched his five fingers. Fang Yang only felt that the mysterious Qi in the house shrank immediately. The seal that had been hard to untie was closed again. His expression froze and didn\’t say a word for a long time. Fang Yang\’s expression is ugly. Because he was in a hurry before, now he found that he had made a big mistake. When he was able to use Xuanqi, he did not directly force the water spirit to lock the Xuanhuan out, and remained in his inner house all the time. Therefore, it is equivalent to that his inner house is still under the control of Ao Ling. After escaping the danger, Ao Ling naturally sealed Fang Yang\’s inner house again. At that time, the full anger also failed to break out, so he had to stand in place stuffy. Ao Ling came up curiously: \”what happened to the colorful real Luan mentioned by Li Bei earlier? Did you summon the colorful real Luan?\”

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