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Hello, I just ordered a car. We\’re going out now.

\”Ha!!\” A roar roared and the sound shook, and the surrounding rock walls trembled. Immediately after that, the pure Yang Xuan Qi quickly penetrated from under the brain to the chest, abdomen and viscera, and immediately flowed in all parts of Fang Yang\’s body. Fang Yang\’s body was like a slurry of fire flowing, destroying the dry and decadent. Even his body quenched by bone building and gold body was full of meridians under this powerful heat flow It broke in an instant, but because of its strong resilience, it continued to connect quickly. The process of fracture, continuous fracture and continuous connection continued, and Fang Yang roared repeatedly every pain. The pure Yang dark Qi in the inner house almost ran out subconsciously, quickly chasing the fire Qi brought by the pure Yang Bodhi to devour and refine. Fang Yang\’s body turned into a battlefield There are two streams of pure Yang Xuanqi fighting and swallowing each other, and fighting endlessly. Over and over, time passes, and finally the continuous stream of pure Yang Xuanqi in Fang Yang\’s body prevails, successfully trapping the fiery Qi of pure Yang Bodhi. However, at this time, Fang Yang\’s body is in a mess, his meridians are broken, his internal organs are damaged, and he is completely a dying person. Then, in pure Yang Under the pure Yang Xuanqi refined by Yang Bodhi, Fang Yang\’s breath flows slowly. The damaged viscera, flesh and blood are remolded again. This remoulding contains pure Yang Xuanqi, which is much stronger than the previous physique. After there is no violent Xuanqi, Fang Yang\’s state calms down, sits cross legged and begins to gradually refine the pure Yang Xuanqi in his body. Pure Yang The Bodhi is very effective. Regardless of its pure Yang meaning, it is of great benefit to be absorbed into the body by Fang Yang. The essence of pure Yang Xuanqi is extremely rare. Under the action of this pure Yang Bodhi, the quality of pure Yang Xuanqi in Fang Yang\’s body has increased by at least one third! When you urge again, there is a pure spirit between the Xuanqi Meaning, this is the essence of pure Yang Xuanqi. This sitting lasted for two days. After two days, Fang Yang opened his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. It was flat and light, and there was no sound echo. He looked quietly inside his body with his eyes open, and a warm smile appeared on his face. \”Pure Yang Bodhi is really powerful!\” On the surface, Fang Yang seems to have no change, but in fact, he knows his own state. After refining the pure Yang Bodhi, Fang Yang is reborn. Originally, when the bone building golden body reaches the sixth level of small achievement, it will reach the shackles and can not break through. But under the action of this pure Yang Bodhi, it can successfully enter the seventh level! There is more meaning of pure Yang between flesh and blood, which It\’s impossible for evil poisons to hurt Fang Yang if they don\’t work the dark Qi. As for the improvement of the dark Qi in the inner house, he thought to himself that the quality of the dark Qi in his body is no less than the early Yang state with the meaning of pure Yang! \”After all, it\’s an extremely rare treasure of heaven and earth. Even if it\’s not in the Chunyang Zhenzong, just this Chunyang Bodhi will make my Tiance mansion a lot of money on this trip!\” Fang Yang exclaimed. The other pure Yang Bodhi, Fang Yang, didn\’t move any more. It\’s not that he was reluctant to give up. After taking the next one, Fang Yang knew that the value of taking it many times was very low. He had completely refined one. Even if he swallowed the second one, it would not help him much more than some ordinary spiritual materials. The pure Yang Bodhi has the highest value The meaning of Yang, but when Fang Yang hasn\’t broken through the early Yang state, the meaning of pure Yang won\’t increase. Take too much. The meaning of pure Yang is still a trace. At most, it can slightly harden the lower body and soul. \”This kind of baby can be met but can\’t be asked. Swallowing one is enough.\” Fang Yang whispered.

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