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She nodded and walked slowly into the alley.

When the big mouth of the mountain swallowing Python was about to bite on the sedan chair, the white little hand stretched out again, and a small blue mirror was thrown out between the slender green fingers. After the blue mirror left his hand, it was suspended over the sedan chair. A blue brilliance suddenly projected from the crystal surface and directly reflected in the middle of the eyebrows of tunshan python. The body of this huge ancient demon\’s blood descendant immediately froze. Originally, it was still a violent impact. At this time, when the blue light shone on the center of the eyebrow, it was like performing the body fixing skill. It didn\’t move, and even the fierce color in the eyes decreased sharply, just like a clay doll. As soon as this scene came out, the people around were confused. How did the python attack stop when it stopped? Obviously, the mirror looks ordinary. Even the circulation of dark Qi on it is not very strong. How can it be blocked? Fang Yang\’s eyes are bright: \”eh!\” the general method naturally can\’t see the particularity of the mirror, but if you probe it with the power of the soul, you will know the strangeness of the mirror. Once the mirror came out, it obviously had a strong effect on the power of the soul. The mountain swallowing Python didn\’t want to move, but couldn\’t move! The just silent little four also wondered, \”the soul of this demon seems to be suppressed by the mirror.\” \”sure enough.\” Fang Yang nodded, \”it seems that the mirror has a miraculous effect on understanding the soul in the sea. At this time, the soul of the mountain swallowing Python is bound by the blue light and can\’t get rid of it, so he didn\’t move.\” \”So strong? What kind of treasure is this? Isn\’t it invincible? Just kill at will if you take a picture of Na chensi.\” sun Manzi was surprised. Fang Yang shook his head: \”It\’s not so powerful. Although it has the effect of suppressing the origin of the soul, the role it can play depends on the other party. Chensi is a great warrior at the peak of the empty and dark realm. He can\’t be suppressed by the town because of his strong origin of the soul. But like this mountain swallowing python, although he is strong enough, because the spirit of the big demon is a little weak, let alone an undifferentiated big demon, The strength of the source of one\’s own soul is at most the same as that of ordinary warriors who first entered the empty and dark world, so they can hold it down. \”\” if I\’m right, this should be a xuanbing refined from soul jade. This material is extremely rare, and it may also be an ancient xuanbing obtained from the bone tooth mountain. \”Zhan Chu said. \”With this mirror, it\’s hard to say what the war situation is like. After all, CHEN Si\’s strength will be greatly reduced as soon as the big demon at the peak of the empty and dark world is trapped.\” the opposing two people saw this behind the scenes, CHEN Si obviously frowned and hummed coldly: \”It seems that you have some good things on hand, but do you think I don\’t have them? Even if you don\’t use mountain swallowing python, I\’ll be enough alone!\” He burst out, and a flash of light shone on his body. A large bow without strings immediately appeared in chensi\’s hands. The bow body was huge and carved on the by various beast patterns, showing a simple and solemn feeling of recklessness and domineering. After a rough sweep, I\’m afraid the weight of the bow alone was no less than a thousand kilograms! The beast pattern bow was in his hand, chensi stepped on, squatted half, holding the bow body in his left hand and his right hand He held the sky behind his back, grabbed it with his five fingers, and suddenly pulled it. There was a roar and a muffled thunder. Chens seemed to take down a thunder flash from the sky. Then he clenched his right hand and put it on the bow string. It was strange to say that when Chens slowly released his hand, a touch of bow string with electric arc appeared out of thin air, and his muscles swelled, Directly pull the bow string into the shape of a full moon. In both hands, I saw a mysterious arrow condensed by thunder! The arrow did not come out, and the thunder shook endlessly. \”Lightning!\” CHEN Si burst into a rage and his tight right hand loosened. Bang! A trembling sound of playing strings reverberated for a long time, and then thundered on the ground. The arrow awn was like a thunderbolt falling, and roared towards the sedan chair. Before the arrow branch arrived, the rolled car curtain fluttered with the wind, and Shui qianrou stretched out his right hand, filled with blue light. The thunder arrow branch contacted with the blue light in mid air and roared The explosion caused thousands of powerful Qi to fly together. The power was so powerful that it shook the sedan chair out of a distance. However, the power of the thunder arrow was also blocked.

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