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He didn\’t come in because there was no sound of walking. Then he heard him close the door.

\”Do you have a way?\” Fang Yang\’s eyes lit up. Duan Ling nodded and said, \”what do you think of the ancient cave? How can you even fail to do such a small thing for the ancient early Yang environment? In this ancient cave, naturally, there is a transmission method array. As long as you open the method array, you can transmit it to a place at will.\” \”Something like the little move sign was studied according to the transmission array in the cave, and its effects vary greatly!\” \”really?\” Fang Yang looked very happy. If so, there would be no need to worry. \”Can I use it now? After all, I can\’t completely master this cave.\” \”It should be no problem. What you don\’t know is the core secret of the cave. Some surface things can be used at will. However, due to your lack of cultivation and incomplete refining, the transmission array can only be used once every three months.\” \”that\’s enough!\” Fang Yang said happily. \”Where is the transmission array? Teach me to use it, and we\’ll leave here.\” \”come with me.\” Under Duan Ling\’s guidance, Fang Yang also followed him into the side hall of Xuantong hall. In the side hall, an extremely mysterious Dharma array was arranged by many fine xuanjing crystals. \”This is the transmission array. If you use the power of your soul to cross into it, you can lock the position you want to transmit. Unless there is an isolated Dharma array, you can certainly reach it. The stronger your soul power is, the wider the detected range is, and the more accurate the position you reach.\” Duan Ling pointed to the core crystal and said. Fang Yang nodded and touched the xuanjing with his right hand. Then his mind was immersed and the power of soul crossed in. A moment later, the light on the core crystal was great, and Fang Yang\’s eyes also showed a scene of thousands of miles around. This is the orientation based on his power of soul. With the improvement of Fang Yang\’s cultivation, the distance that can be transmitted will become great. Soon, He locked in the border of Fenghai county. Duan Ling said, \”after you are sure, you will lock the power of the soul there, and then cross into the Xuanqi into the core crystal!\” Fang Yang obeyed his words and carried his mysterious Qi into the core crystal. He saw the pure Yang mysterious gas flowing, and the light on the core crystal was great. Then it quickly spread over the whole Dharma array. The Dharma array was shining, and a mysterious wave spread out. Outside the cave. More than 1000 government soldiers on the ground guarded heavily, and three of the four guards stayed here and stared at the ancient cave. And here At that time, the green hills in the air suddenly trembled, and the surging green light spread over them. After the green light trembled for a while, with a roar, the green hills just standing suddenly turned into a streamer, broke through the sky and disappeared here. The surrounding guards were stunned when they saw this scene. The leader of the three guards changed his face sharply. \”What\’s the matter, why did they suddenly disappear?\” \”Damn it, is there something like transmitting the Dharma array? Report it to the master quickly!\”

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