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When Hao Jianhong heard this, she was a little proud, but she didn\’t dare to show it. After all, she didn\’t dare to offend this person. She still had to hold it.

A mouthful of blood rolled out of everyone\’s throat. Wu fan\’s face was very ugly. He could feel that he was seriously injured. At this time, let alone fighting, he was lucky to survive! Lying in the pit, Wu fan has never been so desperate. At a glance, Wu fan was even more painful. His brothers, in addition to the dead soldiers hired by him, his real brothers have also died. At present, only one brother has survived except himself and Huolan! Even so, Huolan and another brother were obviously seriously injured, because they were at the edge of the palm print and were not directly affected by the palm print. They just survived, otherwise they couldn\’t carry it with their strength! \”Suck\” Fang Yang, who was lying on the roof in the distance, couldn\’t help taking a breath of air-conditioning. The friars in the empty underworld were so terrible! Fang Yang has long heard that only when you reach the empty and dark realm can you really step into the palace of martial arts. Now it seems that it is true. Even the monks in the period of concentration still belong to the category of people, but in Fang Yang\’s opinion, the monks in the empty and dark realm are so strong that they don\’t seem to be individuals! It is said that monks above the empty and dark realm can move mountains and seas. Even the Longyuan Dynasty can\’t bind each other. The cultivation is in hand and can ignore the Chaofa! \”Are you dying?\” lying in the pit, Wu fan swallowed a hard spit and looked at the old man in the void. There was only a feeling of weakness in his eyes. Facing such an expert, he had no ability to resist. At this point, a trace of bitterness appeared in the corners of Wu fan\’s mouth. He knew that the old man in the void was only a soul and had no intelligence. He was completely controlled by Teng shuize and tried his best. It was ironic that he was killed by such a soul without intelligence, but suddenly Wu fan seemed to remember something, He quickly took out three jade bottles from the space ring, and then threw them in front of Huolan and another big man: \”come on, drink!\” after that, he drank a bottle himself, and Huolan two were stunned first, and then drank the liquid medicine in the jade screen one after another, especially Huolan. He felt that the liquid medicine in the bottle was somewhat familiar. There is no doubt that Wu fan bought these three bottles of medicine from Fang Yang. Wu fan knows that even if the medicine is magical, it is impossible to repair the injuries of these people in an instant, but Wu fan only hopes to restore some strength to these people, so that he can struggle to death. \”Roar, roar!\” when Wu fan mocked himself, there were bursts of thunder in the void. The old man\’s sleeve robe shook and a vast momentum shook. It was obvious that he was going to make a second shot! However, just then, \”boom!\” a momentum that was not weaker than this momentum surged up from a street behind the old man. \”Boom!\” a mysterious Qi like pi Lian crossed the void, and a long rainbow immediately attacked the old man in the void. Seeing this, Teng shuize in the distance changed his face and quickly controlled the old man to fight back. \”Boom!\” the old man turned around, and a palm print spewed out from his palm. A palm print collided with the mysterious gas essence. A deafening roar immediately exploded in the void. A vast gas force swept in all directions centered on the place where they collided. Fang Yang lying on the roof in the distance was almost blown down by the strong wind.

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