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Wang Ye naturally knew the old lady\’s situation and said, don\’t worry, aunt. I grew up with our eldest brother. The person I\’m looking for must not destroy the house.

Another three days and three nights passed. When the spirit boat was about to approach the sea, Jian Xi\’s servant had to find a hidden place to stop the spirit boat. Because the sea was near, and he didn\’t know where to fly, so he had to stop the spirit boat and wait for his master\’s next instructions. When Han Xing first opened his eyes, he felt that his eyes seemed to be pasted by something. With a little effort, he opened his eyes, with a momentary loss. Then he remembered something and looked into his arms. At this time, he almost didn\’t let him throw out the man in his arms, but the next moment he saw his body and narrowly controlled his body. However, his small action woke up Jane Xi. Jane Xi had the same problem as Han Xing. She also took some effort to open her eyes. When she saw Han Xing in front of him, she also screamed and pushed him, But the next moment, the voice of Han Xing sounded. She heard the familiar voice and didn\’t punch him. They sat up in a panic and looked at each other. Although they didn\’t understand why, they both laughed at each other\’s image, and then gave themselves a dust cleaning formula at the same time. After a few dust cleaning tricks, the two people cleaned themselves and their beds, but Han Xing left someone\’s first red fall alone, and put away the sheets, making Jian Xi\’s clean face red. After putting on a new sheet, the two were surprised to find their great changes. Great changes have taken place in their cleaned bodies. They look at their own bodies and observe each other\’s bodies, but they find that they are not only more coordinated in their external body proportion, but also their skin is more moist and shiny. The key is that the changes inside their bodies are greater. The jade like skeleton emits glittering and translucent light, as if it is not a human skeleton, but a rare work of art. The muscles wrapped outside the bones have closer and more detailed texture and more reasonable arrangement. Blood flows in the ubiquitous blood vessels on the body. It is no longer bright red, but purple, like purple liquid gemstones. Chapter 645 flying to Wanghai City Qi Jiexing and Jian Xi looked at each other, and their eyes were full of surprises. Unexpectedly, for the first time, there would be such a huge change. Not only the body proportion was more perfect, but also the bones and muscles, and even the internal organs had undergone earth shaking changes. Looking at the internal organs emitting glittering treasure light in their bodies, they worked their spiritual power, Soon the light disappeared. The two rookies gasped at the same time, because such a treasure light will be emitted from their bodies. It makes people look that their bodies seem to be shining, which is really as eye-catching as a light in the night. It was also at this time that Jane found that the two of them were still so honest with each other. For a moment, they blushed, quickly took out their clothes and put them on themselves. When Han Xing saw Jane Xi\’s half hidden and half visible body wearing clothes, she was hot again. She suddenly took her fragrant shoulder and held her in her arms. Her sexy lips had pressed the moist red lips, and a big hand was no longer honest. The robe that had been put on her shoulder was pulled down again at this time. Jane Xi wanted to struggle, but she felt weak and weak. The appearance of letting someone pick it made Han Xing\’s action more unscrupulous. For a moment, it was easy. In the room that was quiet for a while, there was another heavy gasp and uncontrollable groan. After a long time, after the letter star once again released his endless essence, he only cleaned up two people and allowed Jane to put on his clothes. Smelling their love in the air. Jane blushed and cleaned the whole room. The pain of breaking melons for the first time was not worth mentioning to the friars and did not affect them. The two are now full of energy. They are tired after they have not loved at all, but they are more energetic than normal. At this time, they also noticed their cultivation. Jane was surprised at how strong she felt now. Is this the cultivation at the beginning of the robbery? He was already a friar in the period of salvation. He passed the great perfection of the period of salvation within half a year after he just entered the later stage of the union, and directly entered the early stage of salvation. There\’s no bottleneck. It\’s like a child\’s play. A 31 year old master in the robbery period! She\’s far away from the great leap forward. It\’s so close unconsciously.

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