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Aunt Wang was alone at home. Li Siyu was a little embarrassed.

Chapter 549 familiar scenes (supplement the second change yesterday) Now Yuanyuan has successfully given a broken thunder pill from the door, and her cultivation is very stable. She doesn\’t have to worry about the risk of falling. Although their accomplishments have been quite good in the low-level continent, they are nothing compared with those equally gifted talents in the high-level continent. This is also a regional limitation and has nothing to do with personal efforts. Jane Xi thought to herself, how can we find a way to get them all to the advanced continent, or enter the lucky stars to practice, so that their cultivation can be improved faster. But now it\’s not time to think about these things. After sitting for a while, Fang Qinghai, Fang Hongyuan and Wang Mingfu got up and left. They said they would come back tomorrow and let their little friends have a good chat first, so they wouldn\’t join in the fun. When they were on earth, they were already familiar with Xinwei, Ruonan and Yuanyuan, and knew that they were Jane Xi\’s best friends, Now that they are reunited, they have wisely left space for these young people to talk about the past. Shao Yanyong also arranged for Tong Tong and Jian Nan, Moyun and Yu Shanshan to rest in their rooms. Fortunately, there are many houses in his cave. The world is not like an inch of land and gold on the earth. The planet is very big, which can also be said to be too big. Even if Jane cherishes her own lucky stars, it is a small Witch to see a big witch. Xiyuan star is not small, but it is about two to three times larger than the earth, and xuanqiu star, Jane Xi has not estimated how many times larger than the earth, because so far, she has not gone all over this place, so there is no comparison. Tong Tong and Jian Nan knew that Jian Xi and several friends had not seen each other for several years, so they all returned to their room to rest, meditate, or do something. No one bothered them. Even Moyun, who has always been around Jane Xi. At this time, he returned to his room without any problem and didn\’t come out again. \”Ruo Nan, Yuanyuan. Xinwei, you\’re all going to miss me. Do you know?\” Jane Xi never disguised herself in front of them and became the most real herself. \”So are we! Why were you sent away alone at the beginning?\” Tianhao also told them some things, so they were not completely ignorant about some things of Jianxi as before. \”I don\’t understand the principle. Anyway, it was transmitted there.\” Jane Xi really couldn\’t answer. \”Jane Xi, you said the two handsome guys just now. One is your blood related brother, but you also said that it was the descendants of Jane\’s family who passed on to xuanqiu star more than 1000 years ago. However, after so many generations of genetic dilution, you must not be close relatives. Hee hee, I\’m optimistic about you!\” \”Oh, what\’s more! The man named Moyun looks like a tall and cool man. Just for a while I saw him. His eyes hardly left you. Tell him which of the two high-quality men is your destiny?\” Ruo man looks at Jane Xi naughtily. There is curiosity in the big eyes, more joking. \”A relative, a friend, it\’s so simple.\” Jane Xi just looked at ruo\’s gossip with a smile. She shrugged her shoulders and spread her hands. She answered the question very simply. Joke, how could she say everything when she asked. If the man has that little thought, it\’s easy to deal with. \”It\’s that simple?\” Ruo man looked at Jane Xi with inquisitive eyes. Asked the other way. \”Well,\” Jane Xi raised her chin indifferently and nodded. \”Is it so simple?\” if the man\’s voice has added a little threat. \”Yes! It\’s not as complicated as you think.\” Jane Xi simply didn\’t go to see Ruo Nan. Glancing at the others. \”Little pity, you\’re lying! Others don\’t know, but you can\’t cheat me! When you feel guilty, you don\’t dare to look into each other\’s eyes. Hum! Little sample, do you want me to serve you? Yuanyuan, come and use our unique skills.\” Ruo Nan waved proudly and called Wu Jingyuan, who was watching the excitement with relish.

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