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Looking at the old lady who sent her out, Li Siyu was particularly satisfied. Fortunately, here she had an old woman who cared about her!

The monk in the period of coming out of the body did not hide his accomplishments. At the same time, he was also a clever man. When Jian Xi killed the demon monk and changed his body, he already knew that he was not his opponent. Therefore, he wants to divide the whole into parts and let everyone escape in order to spread the news. But his abacus was very good, but the sign of divine consciousness had been planted on him, but he knew nothing. Jane Xi started from the nearest monk, killing one move at a time. Almost all of them were killed second. Before the blink of an eye, she had killed 14 people. The first thing she dealt with was those with lower cultivation and closer to herself. Now the remaining three people, including the expert in the out of body period, were more frightened and faster when the man\’s divine sense saw that Jane Xi killed his companions. Jane Xi then began to chase the woman who was already Yuanying\’s full. The woman was estimated to be desperate. After she was shocked by Jane Xi, she sprayed blood essence and swallowed a pill. Her strength was close to the early stage of out of the body, but even so, she was just fake out of the body. No matter how powerful the pill is, it can\’t completely make people cross a big stage. Therefore, the fate of the good-looking woman can be imagined, but before she died, the woman screamed: \”my father is the leader of Dan Shigong Association, you can\’t kill me\”. But Jane Xi was not willing to let her go. Even if her father was Li Gang, she couldn\’t let her buy back her life. It wasn\’t Jane Xi\’s cruelty. In fact, these people came to kill her. Among the people she had killed before, at the beginning, she deliberately kept the people who didn\’t kill Dan Shigong. But later I heard someone say something in the divine sense. Their master had something to say. When the sixth level Dan master came out, he resolutely didn\’t keep alive and killed and robbed things. One of the discussants was this woman. At that time, the man she was dealing with with with her also asked her to pay attention. If there was something to say, just in case, but the woman didn\’t care at all. She seemed to believe in her shielding prohibition, but Jane Xi\’s strong divine consciousness penetrated the prohibition and eavesdropped on such a passage. All her previous guesses were correct, so since they came with a task, let them pay for the task. She didn\’t hold her hand when she killed that woman. She was not a man and would not pity her, let alone the person who wanted to kill her. The other escaped quite far? Jane Xi sneered. People had disappeared in place. There was no monster in this place. I think it was cleaned up by so many people. Jane Xi flew unobstructed in mid air and began to chase the man. It seems that he sensed that someone was coming after him. The man was anxious. He began to demonize while flying. Soon, the black gas exuded from his skin surrounded him. Although the demon Xiu saw Jianxi before, and just a fire passed, he easily killed the demon Xiu, but the cultivation achievement of the demon Xiu just now was not as high as that of Jianxi, and he was also a full cultivation achievement in his infancy, After the enchantment, it was easy to reach the out of the body period. This kind of strength improvement was much greater than that of the daughter of the master by relying on pills. This was a real step beyond the first level and temporarily possessed the strength of the out of the body period. Chapter 457 encounter magic cultivation Jian Xi now looked at this person\’s strength, which had soared to almost the same level as himself, and her heart also raised vigilance. This transformation can actually make her strength break through that barrier and cross the biggest step, which is more effective than any pill that temporarily improves her strength. Is this one of the incentives for friars to become possessed? Jane Xi didn\’t know and didn\’t want to know. The old technique was repeated. A flame rushed to the rapidly spreading black fog. A long chain rushed out of the black fog as fast as lightning, but the chain threw at Jane Xi. Then a burst of black fog wrapped the flame in an instant. Jane Xi didn\’t care about the flame. She looked at the mysterious chain that quickly magnified in front of her, Jane Xi felt a turmoil in the spirit. It seemed that she was going to rush away to know the sea and be wrapped and clamped out. She was shocked. A clear stream in her consciousness wrapped her spirit in an instant and stopped the spirit agitated by the black chain. With a twist of Jane\’s Willow waist, the person had disappeared in place. The speed was fast. No one could see how she escaped. The spirit sword\’s sword Qi cut into the black chain. Jian Xi was surprised to find that the sword Qi passed through the chain without hurting it. What is the black chain? However, the sword Qi can\’t hurt it. It\’s like it\’s just an image or nothingness. The sword Qi passes through the image. The image grain silk doesn\’t move. The sword Qi is like cutting in the air. Jane Xi was surprised. The demon cultivation was really powerful. She didn\’t see the black chain for the first time. Jane Xi also guessed that it should be specifically aimed at the divine soul weapon. Is the weapon itself invisible?

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