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Chapter 15 milk powder

Jane Xi herself is the same. Looking at this, it should be a huge octagonal \”stone\” platform of unknown material. It is about half a meter high and bare. There is nothing. The only difference from other places is the place under yourself. Jane Xi knows this mechanism. The secret old man left the formula to open this place. In case, Jane Xi waved a small prohibition. There is nothing else but temporarily isolate other people\’s sight and divine consciousness. A breath of time. Under the function of the Dharma formula, a small octagon more than a foot high rises where Jane Xi gets out of the way. It looks like something small, but there is a space under each side of the octagon. There are eight extremely beautiful spirit stones inlaid. Jian Xi knows that these are the best spirit stones. When it is confirmed that the eight spirit stones are still there, Jian Xi waves his hand, and the small table sinks into it, leaving only a slightly concave square groove on the surface. Jian Xi holds the jade card that fell back in his hand after calling out the transmission array and compares it, Knowing that it is the place to put it, you can\’t put it at this time. If you put it, you will open the transmission array, put away the jade card, and you are about to get up, but you feel a shock not far away. This vibration is different from the vibration when the transmission array appeared. This vibration is violent and manic. Jane regretted that her heart was bad. With a wave of her hand, she removed the small prohibition. People have flown into mid air, and the divine consciousness has penetrated deep underground again. She was surprised to find that there have been cracks in different degrees within a hundred miles underground. With the vibration, the cracks are getting bigger and bigger, There is an upward trend. Chien HSI was shocked and said, \”we must hurry, or it will be too late.\”. So she shouted, \”come on, hurry up to the transmission array, otherwise it\’s too late.\”. The monks who arrived at xiangduan were equally surprised when they heard this. Now they had felt bad about this vibration. When they heard Jane Xi say this, they were more sure, so they spread out their bodies and rushed to the transmission array. Jane\’s family, Yuan\’s father, Yuan\’s mother, Ruo Nan and others are also mixed in these people, running towards the transmission array. The foundation builder takes those who have not built the foundation and runs straight to the transmission array on the flying sword. Xin Yu pulls yuan\’s father, Yuan\’s mother and flies quickly to the transmission array. Although they have just built the foundation, although they also have a spirit sword, they are not as good as the inferior spirit sword. In addition, they are not proficient, Therefore, the speed was a little slow. It was dragged by Xinyu before it quickly entered the transmission array. Jane Xinyan doesn\’t need anyone to worry. She takes Jian Dongjian, who can\’t fly yet. Although she is not fast, she is similar to Fang Ruoyu\’s speed. However, Jane Xi is a little worried. She accelerates a few times. She has arrived in front of them in an instant. She also takes one and pulls one, and soon enters the transmission array. Then he turned back and rushed out, because Ruo Nan, Xin Wei, Tian Hao and Wu Jingyuan, who came later, were still running fast on the ground. Jian Xi and Xin Yu were connected, and quickly turned back together and rushed to them. Jane Xi could fly out of thin air, so she came to them more quickly. She picked up Yuanyuan with her left arm and Ruo Nan with her right arm, and flew up. She was only less than a kilometer away from the transmission array. In the blink of an eye, she had already arrived. Then, turn around again and rush out. Xinyu also flew back with Xinwei and Tianhao one by one. After sending them in, he turned back again and began to transport the disciples of the Yuan Fang family who had not built the foundation. These are their families. They can\’t watch them fall. Therefore, they and other experts in the foundation period transported those disciples with low accomplishments back and forth to speed up the progress, especially those left behind. Jian Xi looked at the last few people. Isn\’t this Jiang Fenglong? I knew them. Although they were not as close as Tianhao, they were also very familiar with them. The Chiang family also had the opportunity to enter the Kun garden. Because Jiang Fenglong had begun to practice martial arts and had a relationship with Jian Xi and Xin Yu, he also had the opportunity to go to xuanqiu star together. However, he was not fast in the third layer of Qi refining, He could only try his best to move forward, and the constant vibration came from his feet. He knew that the land was about to collapse, so he made more and more efforts under his feet, but he was still left behind. However, just when he thought he would eventually be left behind, a man suddenly appeared in front of him and put one hand on his waist. He only felt that his waist was tight and a faint fragrance was introduced into his nose, and the man had soared up. Jiang Fenglong was completely attracted by the girl beside him. He smelled her hair and looked at the perfect outline of her side face. For a moment, he completely forgot his fear. \”Turn around, don\’t look\” had felt the hot line of sight next to her, and Jane Xi drank angrily. Jiang Fenglong woke up. How could he be so rude just now? The next moment, he noticed that he was already in mid air. He had never found that he would have such an embarrassing day. A scream sounded in mid air. After Jian Xi put down Jiang Fenglong, who was still in shock, people had risen up again and shot at the portal of Kunyuan. More than ten miles away, they flew in the air faster. In more than a minute, Jian Xi had arrived at the portal that was empty but still open. A lotus stone carving was thrown at a place above the portal, Waving the mysterious Dharma formula one after another in his hand, Jian Xi\’s spiritual power was already running out in only a dozen breath, but the portal gradually disappeared at the speed that could be recognized by the naked eye. After half a minute, it was gone.

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