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Sister in law, you can report on the 1st of next month. Yang Jun handed her a letter.

But even so, they saw stretchers carrying relatives who were still alive when they went out. At this time, they lay bleeding, were carried back, and went straight to the inner hospital. These were seriously injured and slightly injured. They were only treated in the outer hospital, and the disciples who died in battle were parked in the outer hospital and not carried into the inner hospital, The inner courtyard was suddenly in disorder. Many mothers called their sons and beat our relatives to the disciples who carried the stretcher. Some shouted for their father and some shouted for their son. When they saw that there were their relatives in the serious injury, they cried, but they stopped suddenly in the fierce drink of the elders of the family, staring at the angry elders of the family. \”Who is responsible for guarding the inner court?\” the elder\’s voice was harsh in the quiet inner court. \”How can we make the inner court so chaotic when things have not been completely handled? Go back to the punishment hall and receive punishment by yourself,\” snapped the tall, thin and serious looking elder. \”Yes, subordinates understand,\” the middle-aged man replied in a deep voice. He knew that there must be a large number of wounded after the war. He also knew that the hospitals outside the hospital would not be able to let them go. Some of the wounded would have to enter the internal hospital. When he learned of the victory, he immediately let everyone out, causing a large number of people to jam on the road of transporting the wounded, Chaos. So he quickly ordered all the disciples to invite these families back to their own courtyard, including those outside the courtyard. These families also knew that their actions had seriously affected the passage and treatment of the wounded. Everyone was ashamed. They hid their worries and pain one after another, and returned to their original courtyard. Even if they were burning, even if there were their own relatives among the seriously wounded, they did not dare to come out again to obstruct. You know, we have to race against time, If you delay for a second, you may cause someone to die because of the delay. Such consequences are not what they want to see. One by one in the yard, no one is not worried. Even if he knows the victory, no one knows whether his children are safe or not? Like them, Yuan\’s father and mother came out and went back to the courtyard. The two people were in the yard, turning around until All the wounded have been sent to the inner hospital. All the nurses and doctors in the hospital have entered the high load operation. Even physicians, gynecologists and even pediatricians are all involved in the rescue. There is no way. There are too many wounded, mainly surgeons, supplemented by other doctors and nurses, who are busy but not disorderly rescue and treatment Chapter 196 this ceremony Yuan\’s father and mother waited until all the wounded were settled and there was nothing more in the inner courtyard. After they were open to these families, they came to the entrance of the inner courtyard and waited quietly. This time, they didn\’t force them to see the children. They knew that it was just adding trouble to the guards. The outside must be very chaotic. They can\’t make any more trouble. If the children are all right, they will always come back. Yuan\’s father, who was silent and didn\’t like to talk, saw more silence. Yuan\’s mother also stood there, looking at the road ahead. Many people like them gave way to the Middle Road, stood quietly on both sides of the road, looked at the road leading to the inner courtyard, and looked forward to the news of their children. Finally, the two figures rushed towards yuan\’s father and Yuan\’s mother. Yuan\’s father and Yuan\’s mother\’s expression changed instantly, and the surprise was reflected on their faces. They were so moving. The two old men took a few steps. Yuan\’s father, who was not good at expressing, grabbed his grandson\’s hand, and Jian Xi had hugged yuan\’s mother. Although she understood that Yuan\’s father and Yuan\’s mother must be safe, But just now, seeing the two old men looking around, she couldn\’t stop being moved inexplicably. She hugged yuan\’s mother and made yuan\’s mother feel that her daughter was safe and rippling. When she released her arms, Yuan\’s mother smiled with tears and said, \”well, you two are fine, but we\’re so worried that we\’ll come back.\”. At this time, the voice of the owner of Yuan Pengfei\’s house came. The innate true Qi was surging, and the voice spread to the corners of the inner courtyard. \”Now, all people in the inner courtyard and the outer courtyard can move freely, the crisis has been lifted, and we have won\”. As soon as the voice fell, I heard a jubilation in the whole inner courtyard, the joy of victory. Many of them were scattered by the seriously injured people who were constantly carried in. At this time, they heard the words of the yuan family leader. They were more about to see the joy of their relatives. \”However, half an hour later, everyone will gather in the big square, and we will announce some news.\” Yuan Pengfei\’s voice sounded again. This sentence, somehow, reduced the heat of the cheering crowd a little, and some people have realized what to announce in half an hour.

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