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The woman tangled for a while and said, give me ten kilograms!

Jane is very kind. The harvest of this day is too great. This slate, that living stone, so many jadeite raw stones, and the income of 85 million are not so fast! Both of them were in a good mood and went shopping jokingly all the way. They bought some good raw stones, but they didn\’t solve them. They have been out of the limelight today and didn\’t do those high-profile things. These aura rich Jadeites can be kept for their own use. It\’s also good. They are very useful whether they practice Kung Fu or refine anything. The two people are looking for delicious and fun on the street. When they encounter novel jewelry or handicrafts, they buy them. The rich two don\’t care about saving. They are very excited and have a good time. They are neither big nor small. Like friends, they have no objection. Jianxi and Xinyu didn\’t return to the hotel until more than 11:00 in the middle of the night. They just came out of the elevator and turned to the corridor with a smile, but there was a strong wind in front of them. Jianxi walked in front and subconsciously sidled away. A dagger had been nailed to the back wall for an inch, shaking and shaking. The two of them suddenly woke up and quickly flashed into the corner. Xinyu and Jian Xi are now able to release their mental power, that is, the so-called release of divine consciousness, but the scope is relatively small, only more than ten meters around. They concentrate. The situation in the corridor is clearly shown in the second human brain sea. At present, there are five people fighting in the corridor, and two people are lying on the ground. One of them has his throat cut by a knife, and the blood soaked the carpet. The other\’s neck is twisted at a strange angle. The five people in the fight are divided into two groups, and one of them is Liu Peisheng, who leads two strong men wearing half sleeved T-shirts. They should be Liu Peisheng\’s bodyguards or something, At the moment, the three people and two other masked people covered in black were fighting together. The corridor was full of Qi. A slight air explosion sounded from time to time, but there was no big sound. If they didn\’t catch up, ordinary people couldn\’t hear anything in the room. What made Jane Xi more strange was that she suddenly felt a very familiar wave on one of the masked people. She was now sure that there must be a treasure on the man that she could break through, so she couldn\’t help paying more attention to the fight in front of her. Looking at the state of the two bodies on the ground, it is obvious that the fight has just begun. The security guard has not caught up, but two people have been killed in such a short time. Looking at the skills of these people, it is estimated that it may be a sneak attack. Liu Peisheng took over the masked man, while the other picked two. Chapter 89 Taobao Tour (IV) – tracking After fighting for a long time, Liu Peisheng\’s heart retreated. When he was wrong, he shouted to his companion, \”finish quickly and withdraw quickly\”. The other person was also anxious. If he delayed any more, the security guards would come up. Although the camera was broken, they would soon be found. So he \”whooshed\” and threw a knife as thin as a willow leaf out of his sleeve between moves. As soon as his wrist turned over, his left arm crossed, Right in the throat of one of the half sleeved bodyguards in black. The masked man\’s movements were crisp and neat. The cost of cutting his throat with a knife was only a hard blow from the dead bodyguard in his waist. Although some damage was done, it saved the enemy\’s life. When another man met his partner and was killed, he fought hard. His boxing style made a \”whirring\” sound, while the masked man was strange, flexible and cunning, It can be seen that he is usually an opponent used to assassination. Liu Peisheng was even with another masked man, and had the upper hand. She was anxious to see one of them fall down. But unexpectedly, when the four people were fighting, the door on the side of the masked man who fought with Liu Peisheng suddenly opened, and Liu Yu came out vaguely. She didn\’t wait to see the situation around her, But her misty eyes only saw grandpa in the fight. For a moment, she didn\’t know what was going on. When her eyes fell on the ground not far away, she lost her voice and gave a sad scream. His opponent immediately seized the opportunity. Her right leg knee slammed into Liu Yu\’s hip. Liu Yu screamed and jumped at Liu Peisheng. Liu Peisheng was shocked, Subconsciously, he wanted to rush over to protect his granddaughter, but revealed his flaws in the panic. The masked man took a slight step forward and printed Liu Peisheng\’s chest with fierce Qi in his palm. Liu Peisheng didn\’t come up at one breath and fainted. Liu Yu screamed sharply and rushed to Liu Peisheng\’s side, pushing Liu Peisheng who fainted to the ground. \”Grandpa, Grandpa, what\’s the matter with you?\” he forgot, The man who knocked his grandfather unconscious is still behind. The masked man didn\’t pay attention to Liu Yu, but took a punch from the back of the bodyguard who fought with another masked man. The sound of \”click\” brain bone fragmentation was heard by Jian Xi in the elevator room. They looked at each other and didn\’t look at the open door in the corridor. They ran to the safety passage like lightning. The elevator room was separated from the safety passage by a wall. Jane Xi\’s divine sense also saw that the two masked people didn\’t go down the stairs, but jumped onto the windowsill, and then quickly disappeared in the window. They were surprised. This is the seventh floor. How did they go down? There are also windows in the elevator room, which are next to the windows of the safety passage. They lie on the window and look out. They find that there is a thin but very tough black rope tied at the window. They go down very fast. Soon they have arrived downstairs, bypassed the root of the wall and ran to the alley behind the hotel. And screams began to come from the corridor and movement from the elevator room. Jane Xi didn\’t dare to delay. She whispered something to Xinyu. Then they quickly entered another empty elevator and pressed the first floor. When they came to the front desk of the hall, Jane Xi deliberately said nervously, \”come on, the security guard, there\’s a fight upstairs, and there are dead people. It\’s frightening.\” \”What? It\’s dead. The security guard has gone up.\” a receptionist at the front desk was also startled and replied. \”Call the police quickly! Oh, yes! I also have a mobile phone. Look, I\’m so scared that I forget I have a mobile phone.\” Jane Xi hurriedly took out her mobile phone. Maybe she couldn\’t take it out for nervous reasons. The front desk saw that she couldn\’t take out her mobile phone. She was also anxious, \”let me call\”, and picked up the phone and started to call.

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