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Li Siguo didn\’t have these thoughts. Mom, I\’m going back to bed.

Just when the four of them were about to kneel down and worship, Lao Wudie suddenly stood up, his original cold and arrogant expression became even colder, his eyes fixed on the outside.The perceptive Shanghai smile quickly converged, and he also felt the terrifying and strange aura from the outside. Even the Emperor\’s armor on his body trembled slightly, as if he had encountered the most terrifying opponent in his life.Click, click…Endless ice crystals spread, and the strong in the past were all frozen, and even the strong who was the limit of the quasi-divine emperor could not escape the fate of being frozen.Chapter 1684A white-haired man appeared outside the hall. As he walked slowly, everything was frozen, and nothing could escape.Looking at the white-haired man, everyone in the hall felt deadly silent, as if their whole body, including their souls, were frozen.Shanghai\’s eyes were full of solemnity, and he never expected that this person would appear at this moment, and he would still arrive on the day of his wedding.Long Xie… The old undead stared at the white-haired man, \”What are you doing?\”Yao, I\’m not here to fight with you. I\’m here to have a glass of brother\’s wedding wine and send some generous gifts by the way. Leng Yihang smiled, with a meaningful smile on his face.If it\’s a wedding wine, we welcome it. If you plan to do something, don\’t blame the deity for not reciting the feelings of the past. The old undead said in a deep voice.Haha, you worry too much. The final result is the same no matter if I do it or not, then why should I do it? Leng Yihang\’s smile was full of endless chill, and the hall was completely frozen by ice crystals. The horror of power, even Yun Xianluo and others felt a sense of powerlessness.Today\’s brother\’s wedding, I brought some generous gifts. As for how to deal with it, it\’s up to you, brother. Leng Yihang said, his eyes moved.Boom boom boom…A large number of ice crystals fell on the ground, about 80. Among these ice crystals, the reincarnation body of the heavenly emperor, as well as the eight kings and others, a full 23 reincarnation bodies of the god emperor, except In addition, the remaining ice crystals contained various imperial artifacts, and even some self-enclosed god emperor souls.All the divine emperors since the ancient times… The old undead frowned, \”Long Xie, what did you bring these guys over?\”What do you do? Naturally, waiting for the opening of the world. Leng Yihang laughed.The Game of Heaven and Earth…It\’s almost here. Leng Yihang said: \”What should come will always come, and what shouldn\’t come will never come.\” While speaking, he looked towards the sky.Click…

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