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I didn\’t eat at night. Am I hungry? I\’ll take out some sesame cakes for you. Wang Daya got up and went to the Kang cabinet to toss around and took out an oil paper bag.

Grandpa, where are you? Shanghai was suddenly surprised.We are in Lingshen Island. We saw you coming, so we sent you a message. Ling Zhantian said.In Lingshen Island?Shanghai was taken aback for a moment, and he scanned the surroundings, but found no figures, even if he didn\’t even feel the breath of grandpa and others.Just beside you, it should be said that we are in a special place, the same is the Spirit Island, but what we see is completely different from what you see, but we can see you. Don’t worry about us. It’s safe, with the blue girl and them, we won’t be in danger for the time being, all the clansmen are here.” Ling Zhantian said.
Grandpa, what the hell is going on? How could Lingshen Island become like this, and where are you now?\” Shanghai asked with confusion.Obviously, Grandpa and others were imprisoned in a certain special space. They should be in Lingshen Island, but Shanghai can\’t see them. As long as Grandpa and others are still alive, that\’s enough.Fellow Taoist Xuantian, let\’s talk about it. Ling Zhantian said.Brother Lin, this is the case. We accidentally discovered a strange place on the Lingshen Island. We originally sent someone to investigate. How did you know that something unexpected happened… Xuantian slowly said.After arriving at Lingshen Island, the Lingshen Line quickly arranged everything and quickly integrated into the environment of this place. After leaving Shanghai, Lan Yanyun, the guardian of Nuwa, accidentally discovered a peculiar cave. It is located in the center of Lingshen Island, where there are many ancient lines.Immediately!Lan Yanyun informed Xuantian and the others about the news. Everyone rushed over. After discussing it, they decided to enter the cave to see the situation. As soon as he stepped in, the entire cave had a terrifying suction, and everyone All inhaled inside.Because of the influence of the cave, the entire Lingshen Island collapsed, and everything around the cave collapsed on the spot.Lan Yanyun and the others were completely trapped in the cave. Afterwards, a group of people discovered that this was not a cave, but a vast ancient underground palace. I don\’t know how many, there are even terrible ancient barriers in many places. The power of these enchantments is so strong that even the quasi-divine emperor like Lan Yanyun can\’t break it.Fortunately, there are no other terrifying creatures in this ancient underground palace, and there is still a large amount of food and water in it, and the concentration of vitality is more than a thousand times that of Lingshen Island. If it is not completely banned here, it would be true. It is an excellent place to practice.And you can see the outside world in the underground palace, but you can\’t go out.Hearing these words, Shanghai breathed a sigh of relief. At least for now, Grandpa and others are not in great danger for the time being, but the existence of this underground palace really surprised him. An ancient underground palace is actually here. Inside the Lingshen Island, but also in another level.Even Lan Yanyun can\’t shake the Primordial barrier inside. You must know that Lan Yanyun is a quasi-divine emperor, and she is also the guardian of Nuwa. The real strength is not inferior to the Diwangu and others who have encountered before, even she can\’t Shaking this place, no wonder it has been unable to come out.Grandpa, don\’t worry, I will find a way to get you out. Shanghai Transmit said.Don\’t worry too much. We have already explored it. There are also some special places in this palace. Lady Blue can feel the danger, so we didn\’t go there. Maybe this is our chance, so we plan to do it again. Explore it.Grandpa, it\’s hard to tell if you encounter this thing. If you are careless, you will die… You still stay where you are and wait for me to find a way to open this place. Shanghai persuaded.

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