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\”1200 top grade spirit stone\” a voice sounded on the second floor. It was on Jane Xi\’s left, probably separated by two boxes. \”This thing is very convenient when you go out\”.

Thinking of Ancient Xuanzong, Shanghai felt a lot of emotion. This was the only sect he joined in the lower heavens of God\’s Domain. At the beginning, Ancient Xuanzong also took great care of him, especially in understanding the Taishi Emperor\’s skills. The embryonic form of Taishi nine styles.Even now, this Taishi Emperor\’s technique has greatly helped Shanghai, let alone at the beginning, relying on the Taishi nine styles, through several crises, and even reversed the situation.Anyway, you have to pass by. Why don\’t you go and have a look.When Shanghai thought of this, he immediately said to Ling Zhantian on the side: \”Grandpa, wait for me here for a while. I\’ll take a trip to Ancient Xuanzong in front of me, and I\’ll be back in half an hour.\”Well, go, be careful. Ling Zhantian nodded.Immediately, Shanghai bid farewell to everyone and flew away in the direction of Ancient Xuanzong. His speed was not fast, mainly because the surrounding scenery was quite familiar, because he had stayed here for a while, so he wanted to see Look.Except for the trees growing taller, the rest has not changed much. This place itself is the site of the ancient Xuanzong, and ordinary strong people will not cause trouble here, so many scenery preserves the appearance of Shanghai when it first arrived.Shanghai’s mind was placed in the surrounding scenery, and he did not release his spiritual thoughts. The speed of flying was not very fast. In fact, he came this time just to take a look. He didn’t intend to disturb the ancient Xuanzong at most. On the last lap, I returned.Suddenly, a group of figures sprang from the bushes ahead, only thirtyMore than a strong person blocked the front.Stop, this is the sect of Ancient Xuanzong. The leader of the powerhouse shouted, this person is a god king, and the powerhouses behind him are all at the peak level of god generals.Shanghai stopped, looking at this group of strong, frowned slightly, \”Are you strong in Ancient Xuanzong?\”Nonsense, we are not strong in Ancient Xuanzong, who are we?This is the sect of Ancient Xuanzong. It is under martial law. No one is allowed to enter. Please go back. The two powerhouses next to the god king said one after another, with stern expressions and expressions.Shanghai\’s eyebrows trembled slightly, and vast divine thoughts emerged. The leading divine king noticed that his complexion changed and quickly condensed divine thoughts, which immediately blocked the divine thoughts sent by Shanghai, but how weak this divine king’s divine thoughts were. As long as Shanghai urged his own spiritual thoughts, he could crush it, but he still stopped.This fellow Daoist, Ancient Xuanzong is indeed under martial law, and I hope that fellow Daoists will forgive me. The leader of the god king said, his words were a lot more polite, but the two strong masters at the peak of the gods behind him were scared. His face turned pale, but he didn\’t realize that the young strong man in front of him was also a god king.Shanghai smiled disapprovingly, this smile made the look of the god king and the more than thirty powerful men look strange.Are you really strong in Ancient Xuanzong? Shanghai smiled suddenly, \”I don\’t think so, there seems to be some blood on the clothes of the strong in Ancient Xuanzong… I almost forgot to tell you. I am also a member of Ancient Xuanzong…\”suddenly!The god king shot, and countless purple-black rays of light burst from his chest. Suddenly, there were bursts of howling ghosts and wolves. I saw that the black light turned into terrifying and hideous heads. The opponent killed was refined by some secret method.

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