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However, such a small auction can help her improve her alchemy materials. Tonight, there are two kinds of elixir herbs that Zhang Rong didn\’t buy, and a tiger bone called level-4 monster giant tiger. The essence of this tiger bone is the main material for refining a kind of bone bondage. It is very important that it can not be used to produce this bone bonnet. It is very important to see this huge tiger tiger bone in the auction tonight. It is a complete skeleton and the price is very low. The tiger bone of this giant tiger is only a way of making alchemy. There is no other use. The reason why it was auctioned at the auction is that the giant tiger can grow into a high-level monster of level 8, while the fourth level giant tiger still belongs to a young tiger. When this monster is not an adult, it usually lives in the deepest part of the forest. In such an environment, it is generally the territory of high-level monsters, and the giant tiger mostly haunts the intermediate continent or high-level continent. The low-level continent rarely appears, and the tiger bones of the fourth-order young tiger. It can refine five kinds of Shenggu pill, and the grade of Shenggu pill can also be improved with the year and grade of its material. The tiger bones of the fifth order giant tiger can be used to refine the sixth grade bone pill, and so on. The tiger bones of the eighth order giant tiger can be used to refine the ninth grade bone pill, and its bone effect is even more amazing.

Following the entry of the last mark, the whole Wonderful Wonder Mirror was completely illuminated, and slowly turned over, and all the ruins below were collected into the Mirror, as if looking back in time, a scene of scenes appeared in the Mirror, astonishingly Shanghai. At the time of the shot, all the collapsed halls were constantly restored, and Shanghai and others also went from entering to exiting.Everything about this place is being restored.In the top temple!Many figures continue to interlace.Shanghai stared at the fairy mirror, staring at it, after about twenty breaths, a familiar figure emerged. It was Mu Ningxue. At this moment, her eyes were dull, and she seemed to be imprisoned. Walked towards the top of the same time!Two figures appeared in the top of heaven, but two men, these two were very handsome, and they were even more beautiful than women. Then the two men took Mu Ningxue to the highest level, as far as the back. What happened was not shown.What\’s the matter? Ask the Tianxian Mirror to go back to everything, why can\’t it go back to the topmost thing? Not only Helian, but also Gu Mo and others looked surprised.No matter what, I have found out who killed Wenzong\’s fiancée.Immediately investigate these two people, no matter who they are, capture them. Helian immediately issued an order.Elder He, can you slow down a little bit? Make the faces of the two men clearer? Shanghai said in a deep voice. For some reason, the moment he saw the two men, he had an inexplicable strange feeling, as if where he was. Seen everywhere.Can!Helian was a little weird, but didn’t say anything. After all, he and the others were negligent. He immediately made two marks. The faces of the two young men became clearer. At this time, Helian and others discovered that these two men were somewhat eccentric.It can be seen that the two young men are very handsome, but the outline of the specific facial features has become a little blurred.These two people probably used some very ancient secret method…Do they already know that we asked the Celestial Mirror, so they did it deliberately? The expressions of the senior officials of the Swire Alliance changed slightly. If this is the case, it is almost impossible to find out the whereabouts of these two people, even Wentian Fairyland can hardly bear their true appearance. It is harder to find two people among the trillions of the ancient capital than to find a needle in a haystack.Shanghai didn’t say anything. Under Tongtian’s eyes, he saw something, some familiar things, which existed under the two faces, and he didn’t care about being noticed immediately. The pupils of the eyes became crystal clear.Under the eyes of Tongtian, under the handsome faces of the two young men, there were two stunning faces all over the country and the city. Those two familiar faces shocked Shanghai, because these two were not. Men, but women, the most important thing is that he knows them all.Purple Fox and Ling Yuyao…Chapter 1530

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