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Seeing that Jian Xi\’s attitude was very gentle, a trace of shame disappeared, and people were much more generous, Zhang Rong replied, \”others are at least three inferior spiritual stones. There are higher ones.\”.

Untie?The emperor Sheng Tianzhi glanced at Bi Yuelan and slowly said: \”This is a ban imposed by the Divine Emperor of Extreme Ice. In this world, only the Divine Emperor, no one can unlock it.\”Isn\’t that incomprehensible… Bi Yuelan\’s pretty face paled for a while.But don\’t worry. According to ancient records, this ban lasts for at most a hundred years, and it will be automatically released at that time. Said the emperor Sheng Tianzhi.century……Everyone who heard this couldn\’t help but breathe a sigh of relief secretly, especially the strong of the Fallen League. The five elders of the Fallen League were banned here. If they were permanently banned here, it would be for the Fallen League. , Is a huge loss.The same is true on the side of the Primordial Powers. After all, there are as many as nine gods who have come this time, and it is unbearable to lose any one. Although the Primordial Powers continue to recover in the spiritual realm, not all of them Three thousand great clans are willing to join the Swire Alliance.Moreover, the Primordial powerhouse has not recovered enough, coupled with the intrusion of the ancient gods and the Primordial gods and demons, so that the loss on the ancient powerhouse side is not small. A hundred years seems to be a long time, but for the cultivator, But it is extremely short, so this one hundred years time is not difficult to wait.At this moment, Bi Yuelan’s expression has improved a little, but she is still worried. After all, the Six Profound Gods have taught her a lot and cared for her like a father. Her parents have died since she was a child, relying on Xuanmu. Many members of the clan survived only after aid, so in her heart, the status of the Six Profound God Venerable is comparable to that of her father.It\’s only a hundred years, Senior Liu Xuan will be fine. Shanghai comforted.Um!boom……A loud noise suddenly came from the front, and then a vast momentum rose into the sky, like a red beam of light, soaring up, rushing to the sky, and finally hit the top floor of the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace, followed by countless The Extreme Ice Emperor pattern emerged, and the cover pressed against this red beam of light.However, dense emperor patterns appeared on the red beam of light, one after the other, competing with the extreme ice emperor pattern, and in the light beam was a blood-red war halberd with dense emperor patterns all over it. Continuous eruption of Emperor Rune, colliding with Extreme Ice Emperor Rune.The main emperor…A main imperial tool is born. Everyone present was moved by it, and almost everyone\’s eyes were fixed on the main imperial tool.Although they are far apart, they can feel the terrifying imperial might contained in this master emperor weapon.Shanghai, with the eye to the sky, feels deeper than everyone else. He can even feel the disorderly power contained in the periphery of the main emperor. This power is extremely terrifying, compared to the axe-like main emperor I saw in the past. I don’t know how powerful the device is.How can this main emperor weapon be so powerful… I feel like I am directly facing the god emperor… a strong man trembled.This is a master weapon of Dzogchen, Mo Yu said. The eyes kept staring at the main imperial instrument, and there was a trace of scorching heat in his eyes.

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