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Is this perishing alliance not affected by the extreme cold of the sky? Leng Yihang, who was silent all the way, couldn\’t help but speak.Impact? Look at it for yourself. The old black robe smiled and pointed to the seven ancient giant pillars.I saw under these huge pillars, strands of cold air circling up along the huge pillars. When they touched the top layer, ancient lines appeared, absorbing all the cold air, and then transformed into the protective cover. middle.The protective cover contained extremely vast celestial cold. Shanghai felt that if he didn’t know how to open the protective cover and forcibly attacked the protective cover, he would inevitably be attacked by these terrifying celestial cold.Looking at the area here, Shanghai immediately understood why the Fallen League was to be established here. This is an excellent place that is easy to defend and difficult to attack, coupled with the natural extreme cold, if the four imperial palaces To attack, you must first pay a heavy price.Under such good geographical conditions, the Shenmeng is almost equal to invincible.certainly!It is not so easy to build a huge power here. Without sufficient background, human and material resources, it is impossible to do this. The most important thing is the seven roots.The huge bronze pillar, Shanghai feels, these seven things should be from the immortal.This is the Seven Immortal Columns, a thing handed down from the Primordial Era. Seeing Shanghai staring at the seven giant bronze pillars, Liao Baishu introduced: \”It is said that these Seven Immortal Columns suppressed seven quasi-divine emperors in the Primordial Era. , Even pressed them into the immortal column. It is precisely because of the power of the seven great sages that these seven emperor immortal columns possess such a strong ancient power to resist the cold of the sky.\”Seven quasi-god emperors have been suppressed… Shanghai and others were all shocked.Afterwards, Liao Baishu explained to Shanghai and others about some matters in the Fall of Gods League, and said nothing more, but continued to wait.After a while!The shield above the first huge bronze pillar slowly opened.Hahaha… Friends of the Six Profound Daoists, I haven\’t seen him for more than 50 years. It really made Xue miss something unusual. A thunderous voice came from a height, and only a thin, red-eyed old man appeared on the top. On the huge pillar, looking down below.Seeing this person, Liao Baishu\’s complexion changed slightly, and a trace of disgust passed through their eyes, but soon the disgust disappeared, and the two slightly arched their hands and said, \”I have seen Elder Xue.\”Regarding Liao Baishu\’s salute, the red-eyed old man seemed to have not seen it and made no sound, which made the two feel quite embarrassed. It was neither a withdrawal nor a withdrawal.I\’m not dead, don\’t you feel sorry? Six Profound God Venerable said in a deep voice.As soon as he said this, the atmosphere suddenly became more subtle.The two looked straight at each other. Although there was no momentum to release, when their eyes crossed, sparks of calcium carbide had already emerged.

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