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What\’s more outrageous is that the remaining two pills are only the same as the first. They are all full pills without any waste. The number of unique three circle pills is the least.

Six Profound Gods!In the past years, I used the rhythm to control the middle level of the gods. Since my birth, I have never lost a battle. I fought with two gods 50 years ago, fighting one against two, and finally respecting the two gods. This kind of ability, just thinking I think it makes my heart palpitations.The Taikoo imperial artifacts vibrated more and more fiercely, and the entwined ancient sounds of purgatory continued to glow with a powerful aura.Six Profound Divine Venerable…Today\’s matter is not so easy to end… A dark shadow emerged from the black cloud. It seems that this person also knew that he had missed the opportunity to kill the crazy old man, and now the crazy old man has recovered. , The horror of strength is almost unchanged from that out……The Primordial Artifact was suddenly taken back, and the black shadow concealed into the black cloud, seemingly intending to leave.Seeing this scene, the two black robe old women couldn\’t help but breathe a sigh of relief secretly.Since you are here, don\’t go. The Six Profound God Venerable raised his head, his dark eyes, like a star river of Hengyu, raised his white-skinned hands and tapped the void three times, just three times. Under the sky, the void of the sky suddenly sank, countless black clouds turned away, and more than a dozen black shadows rushed out of it.Six Profound Gods, don\’t deceive others too much.Really when I\’m afraid you won\’t make it?I didn\’t want to fight you desperately, but you have repeatedly persecuted, everyone shot together and killed it.A black shadow was furious, and saw that his chest was constantly overflowing with the blood of the god king, and his origin had already been injured.In an instant!Five black shadows fell from all directions, and the power that each one inspires is far beyond the previous one. Obviously, they have done their best. With the impact of these five vast star-like powers, the city of the gods of the heavens blasted. With a tremor, the entire God City was crushed by about a hundred meters.Click…Shanghai\’s body became extremely fragile under this terrifying pressure, and even the two old women in black robes couldn\’t bear this pressure at this moment.Ding……Accompanied by the soft piano sound, an astonishing tone emerged from the ground and enveloped the three people in Shanghai, all of the pressure was relieved.Facing the five black shadows that had been killed, the Six Profound God Venerable\’s expression was as elegant as before, without the slightest change, he raised his right hand slightly and flicked it against the void.boom……

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