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\”Thank you for interrupting your cultivation. Is it mine?\” Jane Xi was really embarrassed and her own spirit gathering array. They robbed the aura of their cultivation in the cave, so that their cultivation had to be interrupted. However, it doesn\’t need the pill to advance to the level. It really takes a lot of spirit stone! Almost all of her middle grade spirit stones were consumed in this promotion. There are only a few hundred pieces left. Fortunately, there are still thousands of low-grade spirit stones and many high-grade spirit stones.

After hearing their own names, one after another strong men walked up. Although their faces were bitter, but fortunately, the thirty-two peaks they joined were all ranked high, but not low, although inheritance It\’s worse, or even a little incomplete, but as long as you are in the Temple of Qiantian, as long as your qualifications are strong enough, you won\’t be able to taste it in the future.Thinking of this, many strong people feel a little relieved.There were fewer and fewer strong men in front of the hall, and in the end there was only one in Shanghai. Almost all eyes were on him, but there were also people who looked at him with disdain.Shanghai, Dingtianfeng! said the deacon, and glanced at Shanghai with a weird look, but the look faded quickly.Dingtian Peak…Behind the hall, the strong men who had already received the tokens were all surprised and looked at Shanghai in amazement. Even Duofeichen was full of surprise. These people were all the gods in the middle of the gods in the past. The powerhouse of the palace would not know what Dingtian Peak represents in the Thirty-Two Peaks.Almost equal to the bottom, not only the bottom, the inheritance of Dingtian Peak is almost cut off, only one of the most basic inheritance exists, this matter is known to everyone, joining the Dingtian Peak, almost equal to the loss of a lifetime Hope is gone.Without a strong heritage, how to compete for resources with the strong peers? Without sufficient resources to practice, you will be drawn farther and farther by the strong of the same generation. In the end, you can only watch the strong rise of the same generation, but you can only gradually decline, and finally become lost to all living beings.For a strong person who has nothing to fight for, this is nothing. If it is a strong person who is dedicated to pursuing a higher level, this is simply more uncomfortable than death.In the face of everyone\’s attention, Shanghai didn\’t have any strange expressions, and walked forward calmly, accepting the token handed by the deacon of input.But the deacon who entered was slightly startled, because he noticed that Shanghai\’s expression was the same as before, there was no strangeness, and there was no dissatisfaction, which made him feel a little uneasy. Could it be that this son has long been indifferent to fame and fortune? Or does he have no much pursuit?No matter what, the thing that should be done has been done anyway, whoever allowed this kid to offend the person who shouldn\’t offend, he can only blame himself for being unlucky, and entering the deacon to take back his mind.The look of the deacon entered was keenly noticed by Shanghai, his brows frowned, but he didn\’t say anything. Anyway, the token has been obtained, and now he is considered a member of the Temple of Heaven. Next, go to Dingtianfeng to get acquainted with. Get a look at the environment, and then rush to the Temple of Heavenly Secrets.Brother Lin… Duo Feichen looked at Shanghai with some embarrassment. He didn\’t expect that Shanghai would be selected as Dingtian Peak. This was really surprising. Although he believed that Shanghai might actually get through the first layer of the black prison, Maybe something unexpected happened that caused Shanghai to step into the Dingtian Peak, so I wanted to say some comforting words, but I couldn\’t say how.Brother Duo doesn\’t need to say more, come to Dingtian Peak to sit in the next day. Shanghai smiled freely.Okay, then Brother Zhu Lin will keep up. Duo Feichen sighed slightly.Will do.Afterwards!There were some powerful people in the entrance hall. These people were guides. They took the powerful people from the palaces and pavilions to the place where they were. The thirty-two peaks were directly led by three powerful people, and Shanghai followed thirty-two. The strong group of peaks embarked on the road to Thirty-two!

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