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\”Where have they all gone?\” a very uncomfortable feeling rose in Hua linger\’s heart, and she looked for Huachen and shangguanbo\’s yard. The results were the same.

what?The old undead was full of shock, turned his head quickly, and stared at Shanghai, \”You killed Situ Hong and Deacon Song? Asshole, you are really mad at me, and you have caused me a lot of trouble, saying, what happened? , Say it clearly.\” Speaking of the back, it was full of anger, but his eyes did not contain the slightest anger, but showed a color of approval.After spending so many years with Lao Wudie, how can Shanghai not know Lao Wudie’s mind? This is an opportunity for himself to argue, and immediately said: \”Hui Yao\’s words, things are like this, Bi Yuelan and I are both from the spirit world. , And already have a marriage contract…\”Immediately, Shanghai told the whole story, including the news of his grandfather and others, but was framed by Situ Hong and led to the palace of the god of the gods, and then used the realm of the world to kill…Nonsense, how could Situ Hong frame you for a woman? Elder Situ Hong\’s face was so dark that he stared at Shanghai, \”Since you said my grandson Situ Hong framed you, then you have evidence at hand. ?\”evidence……Shanghai took a deep breath and didn\’t say anything. The man and the woman were dead, and Situ Hong and Deacon Song were also killed in his own rage, and there was no evidence at all.Since there is no evidence, you will not only kill my grandson Situ Hong and Deacon Song, but also quibble the cause of this matter. Elder Yao, I hope you will hand this son to me to deal with. Of course, you can also hand it to the Hall of Law Enforcement. I believe in law enforcement. The temple will give me a fair explanation. Situ Ding said in a deep voice.Elder Situ, can it be seen on my face… Lao Budi couldn\’t help but say.Elder Yao, I have already looked at this matter on your face, otherwise I would have slapped this son to death. Situ Ding\’s voice was full of determination, and there was no room for negotiation.Situ Ding is very clear about the virtues of his grandson. This matter may be exactly what Shanghai said, but as one of the four elders of the Temple of Qiantian, how could he confess his face and admit it? Besides, the evidence has long been eliminated.If Elder Situ needs evidence, there are still two people in Shanghai, and these two people can prove it. Shanghai said loudly.Who? Situ Ding\’s expression sank suddenly.Hurry up and tell who it is. Lao Budie glanced at Shanghai.The two internal disciples of Palace Master Qingyin Palace, these two have been abolished by me, and they should still be in Qingyin Palace now.what……Ji Ya\’s pretty face changed slightly, and even Situ Ding\’s brows couldn\’t help but frown.Two internal disciples, right? Ok… Situ Ding\’s gaze moved, and two divine lights fell into the Qingyin Palace, and then the two shadows were pulled over by invisible power. It was Guan Liuer. People, at this moment, their eyes are a little dull, and their expressions are full of frustration.Is it them? Situ Ding said solemnly.Exactly! Shanghai answered.

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