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This time I found the treasure, shangguanbo thought secretly, but Jane Xi didn\’t seem to care much about the details of the difference between men and women. She had time to teach her. As a necessary etiquette for being a housewife, she couldn\’t give medicine to a man and touch other men\’s skin.

Mu Xing nodded quickly, and immediately took some female disciples with minor injuries to Shanghai\’s side, and defended the Fa on the spot.Mu Zhiyun and the five elders stared at Shanghai fiercely, and their strength was uncertain. If Shanghai did anything strange, they would definitely kill Shanghai first.Ignoring the crowd, Shanghai put Mu Wanran down, and immediately turned his mind into her body, covering her body, frowning immediately.Cannot penetrate!It is still impenetrable. Mu Wanran\’s body has that mysterious power to protect her. Under the impermeable divine mind, consciousness naturally cannot enter her sea of ​​consciousness. Originally, Shanghai thought that as long as she got closer, she could strengthen her divine mind. After moving all his spiritual thoughts, he still couldn\’t penetrate a point.This is tricky…Shanghai looks slightly changed.This subtle change was immediately noticed by everyone present, and the expressions of Mu Zhiyun and others sank on the spot.boom……Xuetian Temple shook violently, and only a bang came. The second layer of ice was shattered, and now only the last layer is left. All Mu Xuezong disciples, as well as Mu Zhiyun and other elders, couldn’t help mentioning When it comes to the throat, once the Xuetian Temple breaks open, Namu Xuezong will become history.After thinking about it for a moment, Shanghai realized that he had to find a way to remove the mysterious power in Mu Wanran\’s body. I don\’t know where the treasure is, his brows are furrowed, and Shennian quickly scans it.suddenly!An inexplicable feeling arose spontaneously, Shanghai\’s gaze was fixed on Mu Wanran\’s gauze, could it be…that treasure was turned into the gauze? If this is the case, it would be even more troublesome…it is impossible to take off Mu Wanran\’s gauze here.Shanghai knows that once you do it, let alone the elders like Mu Zhiyun, who are eye-catching, the disciples of Mu Xuezong who protect the law will definitely take the action in anger.Daoist Mu Xing, I trouble you one thing, Shanghai said loudly.Friend Lin, please speak.Sect Master Mu has a mysterious power to protect her. My spiritual sense cannot enter her sea of ​​consciousness, and it is difficult to repair her soul wounds, so please do me a favor by removing this gauze from her and sealing my five senses with secret methods. Drop, Shanghai said in a deep voice.Hear the words!The expression of the Mu Xuezong female disciple present changed.presumptuous!

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