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The corner of shangguanbo\’s lips turned up, smiled sarcastically, and then said: \”I know exactly why you\’re close to me, so I\’ve never touched your finger. Hum! Even if I touched you. How can you put me in the official Park with your high family\’s strength? Don\’t think about the dream of flying to the branches and becoming a Phoenix. That dream is not suitable for you. I think everyone here will never want to see you again. Don\’t feel unbalanced. Jane Xi also sees your affectation And calculation. I don\’t want to be too close to you. Hum – here, you won\’t be smarter than anyone – put away your hypocrisy – well, go back to your room now, practice in your room before you get there, and don\’t come out again. \”With a wave of hand, shangguanbo\’s intention has been very clear.

Nan Xi\’s mouth suddenly opened, and the sharp pain from his chest made him unable to help but lower his head. When he saw that his entire chest was pierced by a punch, his proud expression suddenly froze, and then he was completely occupied by fear. He never expected that Shanghai would really make a move.suddenly!A terrifying divine power burst out of Nan Xi\’s body, and countless black auras spread out and quickly enveloped him. This divine power was so strong that it completely protected him inside, while Shanghai was shaken. It has to go back ten feet.As the black air spread out from his robe, Nan Xi\’s chest injury was immediately stopped, perhaps because of fright and fear, he forgot the sharp pain in his chest.Kill him, don\’t let him come, stop him…Nan Xi stepped back, ignoring the others, and rushed away when he turned back, because he felt the murderous intent contained in Shanghai.Why hasn\’t the law come yet?The faces of Jin Shan and others have become even more ugly. Shanghai has clearly taken action, but the law of the City of All Things has not come down for a long time. If this person is punished, is there a problem with the law of the City of All Things? If this is the case, isn\’t the city of everything going to be in chaos?Do not!Impossible. The City of All Things has existed since time immemorial, and there has never been a problem with the laws of the City of All Things.Could it be…Jin Shan and others thought of a possibility, that is, Shanghai has a way to circumvent the law of the City of All Things. Otherwise, why hasn\’t the law of the City of All Things come so long?The six looked at each other, and then nodded slightly, not allowing Shanghai to kill Nan Xi in front of them, otherwise the old monster would be troubled by accountability. Although Shanghai has reached the level of the World-Honored One, it has only just broken through. Even if people join forces, they can hold back for a while.As long as Nan Xi can run away in time, afterwards, the old monster will not only not blame them, but will even bring great benefits.As soon as he thought of this, the six Jin Shan shots.This time, the six have tried their best. Although they are the realm of the Supreme Lord, each of them has comprehended the level of the reincarnation of the Seventh Blessed One, and also felt the two or three reincarnations, and fully mobilized the four higher ranks. The power of the magical skills is no less than that of the ordinary One World Honored person, not to mention that they themselves have a powerful artistic conception force to promote.Six figures comparable to the First World Honored One made their best effort, and even if they couldn\’t get to Shanghai, they could still keep him in place.Facing the terrifying attack and killing power of the six people, Shanghai did not need to perform the third-class magical skills. The power of the world-zun spurred by the reincarnation realm has surpassed the first world-zun of the same realm, and his big hand slammed the golden fan six people , Under the five fingers of his palm, he instantly suppressed all the power of the six people.what……The six Golden Fans suddenly changed their expressions. They never expected that Shanghai\’s strength would be so terrible that they could suppress the six full-strength combined blows with just their hands. You must know that under their combined hands, even if it is a talented slave. The World-Honored One who has been at the first World-Honored Level for a long time dare not say that he can stop him.

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