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Yan Tao takes out a healing pill from the ring. She handed it to Hua linger and said, \”take it. Although it\’s not the pill for three circles, it\’s also two circles.\”. Hua linger treats her as a younger sister, but the older she is, the more dependent she is on him and the more domineering she is. As a child, the charming and lovely gradually disappeared without a trace. Yan Tao now has a little impatience in his heart.

After walking out of the stone building, Shanghai\’s thoughts turned thousands of times. He walked the path of immemorial age, entered the mysterious realm of the upper heaven of God\’s realm, and returned to the extreme land of the wild world. Finally, he also participated in a meeting of a hundred races to seal Mingxu, a piece made by his parents. If you look at the individual things separately, you can\’t see anything at all, but if they are linked together, they seem to be deliberate.Why do fathers and mothers do this?Shanghai was full of doubts, thinking for a long time, but still had no clue, even Ming Xu didn\’t know why his father wanted him to seal him back then.Shanghai! Ming Yuyan walked slowly, \”Are you leaving now?\”Um!Shanghai nodded slightly, facing Ming Yuyan not knowing what to say, especially after understanding the fact that her mother was killed by her father, it was somewhat unpleasant. He could imagine how Ming Yuyan experienced all this in the past. Yes, it\’s a pity that she doesn\’t know the facts, otherwise it will be more painful.What did my father say to you? Ming Yuyan couldn\’t help but asked curiously. Since childhood, the sum of what my father said to him did not exceed ten sentences, but Shanghai had been in the stone building for so long. Obviously, his father had a lot of conversations with him.It\’s nothing, it\’s just a recollection of the past. Your father said he didn\’t hate my father, and then talked a little bit about other things. Shanghai said.What else did you talk about? Ming Yuyan asked.Talk about you! Shanghai laughed.I… Ming Yuyan was stunned, and then her pretty face showed a seductive red glow again, her own temperament was cold, she showed such a shameful appearance, even more moving, even if it is Shanghai that has long been used to it, she can\’t help it. One stayed.The relationship between the two is quite weird, like friends but not like opponents, but also the scene of practicing dragon and phoenix co-cultivation techniques. Suddenly, the two of them fell into embarrassment and did not know what to say.I have something to do, let\’s go first. In the end, Ming Yuyan\’s face was thinner, and her shadow moved, disappearing with bursts of refreshing fragrance.As she watched her leave, Shanghai retracted his gaze, and disappeared where she was.……Extreme land!Here is the same place as before. Shanghai stands outside, looking at the formation that merges into the heaven and the earth. This formation has existed since ancient times, but it is difficult for anyone who is strong above the level of the king to step into it. Of course, it is only aimed at the level of the Holy Master. That’s all, but the Holy Lord can forcefully break and step into it.I hope there will be gains this time. Shanghai Xin said.Of course, he didn’t hold much hope. After all, there was no clue to what he had found in the past. There was originally a clue, but the wooden house where the Xuanmu clan lived in the past has long been destroyed in the chaos. The traces left by his parents have long since disappeared.

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