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Jane Xi waited until the latter half of the night before she quietly left the cave and came to the place where the body was. Because he found that the two previous demon practitioners had left in a hurry, the monk\’s storage ring he killed later was put away, so she wanted to take a small advantage.

In the ancient times, when the four great god emperors were young, they were all enemies in the world, and countless top powerhouses of the same generation were eventually reduced to their stepping stones…This is an ancient rumor and one of the most heard words in Shanghai. It’s enemies all over the world. Today, he still can’t reach the level of an enemy all over the world, because there are so many top powerhouses of the same generation in the lower heavens of God’s Domain, and there are also middle heavens. , The upper heaven…Since the ancient god emperor can do it, then he can definitely do it…Shanghai vowed to set foot on the pinnacle, and then it would have to follow the path of the ancient god emperor, and it would be the enemy of the whole world. To follow this path, one had to continuously improve oneself. Only the starting point…Chapter 1109Afterwards!Shanghai bid farewell to Mu Xing and returned to God\’s Furnace. Although he carried 80 million of the best source of God, he was shocked by the evil beasts of black gold, and no one dared to trouble them.Can we practice in the secret realm of Muxuezong in Taixue Realm? When the experts in the Tianchen Alliance learned of this, they were suddenly surprised.Regarding the selection of cultivators, Shanghai handed it over to the extermination to arrange.Half a year passed quickly.The originally deserted God Furnace’s Gods Lincheng suddenly became lively and extraordinary, and the powerhouses of God’s realm continued to come, their purpose was nothing more than to strengthen the body and the extremely fast barren pattern. The number of barren pattern sold at the beginning was only a thousand sets. , And increased to 10,000 sets later, all in short supply.The daily income makes the hearts of Killing and the others tremble. One day is 500 million of the best source of gods. With the aid of a large amount of training resources, and the open secret realm of Muxuezong, the speed of the experts in the Tianchen Alliance is ten times faster than the above. More than that, people are breaking through almost every day.All the powerhouses of the Tianchen Alliance, even Chixing and others, worship Shanghai to the level of a god in their hearts. The powerhouses who joined the Tianchen Alliance at the beginning are secretly grateful for their move. With the development of the Tianchen Alliance , A large number of excellent millions of small world powerhouses came here admiringly, and some even knelt for a month outside the city of Shenlin, just to join the second echelon of the Tianchen Alliance.The strong players in the first echelon increase very slowly. This is the strategy of killing. Not only must the strength be in the top ranks, but also the loyalty to the Tianchen Alliance. The latter is the most critical. For this purpose, a series of killings have been established. All kinds of tests, only those who pass can enter the first echelon.Shanghai naturally has no objection to the arrangement of the extermination. He has also seen the series of tests. Only those who are completely loyal to the Tianchen Alliance can pass these tests. One level is checked by him, and the astral power can directly enter the depths of the tester\’s soul to find out the purpose of the opponent.With the development of the Tianchen Alliance, the second echelon has reached 50,000 person-times. Except for the first strong, all those who join later are selected strong ones, and these people are incapable of disposition or ability. Difference milli.Seeing that the Tianchen Alliance is getting stronger and stronger, Kill Annihilation and others are delighted.After only half a year of development, the Tianchen Alliance has reached the point where it is on par with the forces of the three great gods, and even faintly surpassed the forces of the three great gods.Master Chen, do you want to return to the path of the immemorial? When the people like Killing and others learned of Shanghai\’s thoughts, they couldn\’t help being shocked.Master Chen, you have said that this ancient road is unpredictable, and the people who stepped into it were almost a life of nine deaths. You have just walked out, why should you step in again… Chi Xing said in a puzzled manner.

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