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The two fists made Jianxi so embarrassed. The monk surnamed Zong opened his mouth and showed his big yellow teeth. He laughed and said, \”it\’s so bad that he dared not escape. It\’s a silly girl. I won\’t treat you badly when I go back to alchemy and double cultivation with my uncle.\” he said, his obscene eyes were still scanning Jianxi\’s body. He was only three or four meters away from Jianxi, Friars surnamed Chu and Wang Qiang followed.

The twenty strong faces pale as paper.This 10,000-year demon is far more terrifying than the strong man who comprehend the reincarnation of the four worlds, especially its defensive power.呲…A giant claw patted over.Shengmu and others hurriedly avoided, but just after moving, thousands of monsters rushed up from behind. There was no way forward, no way back, and no way to hide. The rest of the strong were desperate, and they could only watch the giant. The claw fell.With a hiss, the defense of the holy wood at the forefront, like a fragile animal skin, was easily torn apart by the giant claws.suddenly!A blood-colored spear pierced out of the void. Although it was just a simple stab, it contained a variety of complicated profound meanings. The giant claws struck with it, making loud noises, and Shengmu and others were immediately shocked. Seven orifices bleed, showing how terrifying the power of this blow.The evil spirit spear came out of his hand, and Shanghai\’s right arm had been twisted.I entangle it, you go first.With a wave of his left hand, Shanghai carried the evil spirit spear into his body. Under the rebirth of the ancient demon, his right arm quickly recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye. The figure shook, and he had already swept up, and Hengkong hit the Wannian Demon with a punch. The latter moved a step on his chest.Shaken…When the other strong men saw this, they all took a breath.This blow seemed to hurt the Ten Thousand Years Demon Ghost, its face became hideous, its scarlet pupils stared at Shanghai, its throat throbbed, making a hissing sound, a pair of giant claws waved wildly, and shot continuously. To Shanghai.Extremely fast!In an instant, Shanghai\’s speed skyrocketed to 550 times the boundary speed, and his figure became elegant. Although this speed was fast enough, the giant claws enveloped the surrounding area, leaving very limited escape space, and the giant claw shot Under the impact, Yu Wei brought up and slammed into Shanghai\’s body.Boom boom boom…Shanghai and Wannian Demon are fighting each other, and the two are head-to-head.Seeing this scene, the rest of the strong are stunned.Hurry up? Shanghai shouted.

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