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The three people drank tea in the outer hall and waited for the test results. Half an hour later, each of them came out of the side hall with more than a dozen storage bags. Then, each handed the list to shopkeeper Lu, and loaded the food bags on two trays. Put it next to shopkeeper Lu.

When I registered in Shanghai, I saw that both the Emperor Tianyu and the Seventh World Venerable Wu Tian had achieved the title of King Shura, and he actually won the King of Shura. If he killed a million, he would become King of Shura. If King Shura represents the supreme deeds, what does King Ni Shura represent?Soon, Shanghai put away his thoughts, because now is not the time to think, the Evil God\’s spear shook slightly and swept out horizontally.The powerhouses of the millions of small worlds looted in the distance were shocked when they saw thousands of powerhouses being killed. Those who had thoughts at first gave up their plans, and there were still some thinkers, Seeing that the rest of the people were afraid to rush forward, he had no choice but to dispel this out……The city gate burst open, Shanghai rushed out, and the figure quickly disappeared in front of everyone.When he left, dozens of eyes stared at Shanghai. It was Yilan and others. They looked deeply at the back of Shanghai\’s departure, blessing them from the bottom of their hearts. Only one gaze was rather complicated and positive. It was Ming Yuyan, with beautiful eyes that could hardly tell her.Chapter 0979In the northern borders of the gods, in the realm of the gods.Damn… the son of that slut killed Shenlong, how could this be… Shenlong understood the second world\’s reincarnation artistic conception, and there was news not long ago that he unexpectedly broke through and reached his own comprehension. The limit of the second world\’s reincarnation mood, even a trace of the third world\’s reincarnation mood… Shenfa\’s face was dark and heavy, his chest was violently ups and downs, and his lungs were about to explode.Sanshizun\’s reincarnation artistic conception…As long as the gods can be broken, they will surely become gods in the future, and it is not difficult even to reach the middle-level gods of the Fourth Blessed One.Once he returned to the clan, he would definitely be cultivated as one of the heirs, but he actually died, and he still died in the hands of Shanghai. This is a place where Shenfa is angry and can\’t figure it out.A puff of anger flowed back in his chest, the divine method was uncomfortable, but it happened that he couldn\’t release it.The ten servants who bowed down outside were so scared that they trembled and did not dare to move at all.Oh… a servant screamed suddenly, because under tension, he accidentally pressed on the top of the stairs, and a thorn happened to pierce him.suddenly!He stared sharply at the servant.The servant became stiff, but he hadn\’t reacted yet, his body was burnt, turned into fly ash, and completely dissipated.The bodies of the other nine servants trembled more severely, their heads buried low, and they did not dare to move. As fragile as a newborn baby.Hmph, what\’s the use of raising your trash? Shenfa snorted coldly.

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