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That\’s all. After my father\’s decadence, the status of our line has plummeted. If my qualifications were not high enough, I am afraid I would have been expelled from the Underworld clan soon. Originally, my father should have the perfect qualifications to aspire to the great wilderness world. , But because of your father\’s methods, he ruined his life… I swear, I must find your father to avenge… Ming Yuyan said that, without going on.

What if you haven\’t said enough, a lowly woman born of a lowly seed. Do you really think that with a bit of brute force, you can match me? Not convinced? I will let you understand the gap between God\’s Domain and Abandoned Realm. The evil man\’s eyes flickered, and some dense curse marks appeared all over his body. These curse marks slowly eased away, and the originally terrifying power and momentum rose again.When Xuanji and others, who were struggling to unravel the barrier, noticed this compelling aura, they couldn’t help but change their colors. Although to them, this power is nothing, but among the younger generation, it is already It is extremely terrifying.But the evil man today is even more terrifying than before.chant……The black arc appeared, and the evil man transformed into the perfect realm of a world-famous man.Roar……When Shanghai moved horizontally, holding the tail handle of the evil spirit spear in one hand, he jumped up high and swept down directly from the sky. His eyes were filled with crazy colors. At this moment, there was only one thought in his heart. The evil man\’s mouth twitched.Mothers cannot be defiled or desecrated. This is the most sensitive bottom line in Shanghai. No one is allowed to touch it, even if the other party is a god.Anonymous magic!At this moment, Shanghai actually played the strongest nameless magical skill. The embryonic forms of thousands of magical skills were all contained in it. It was also his strongest blow before. 12,000 demon ancestors in the realm of kings all activated all. Power was poured directly into his body.boom……The evil spirit spear smashed on the black arc.The huge shock force shook the evil man back a step, and a crack appeared on the bronze shield again. As for Shanghai, it was shaken out, knocking the mountain wall out of a big hole again.Hmph, I can\’t help myself. I dare to fight against me if I\’m so capable. The evil man showed disdain, \”Like that cheap woman, it\’s as cheap as the bones.\”The Xuanji and others outside looked anxiously, and they continued to take action against the barrier.Roar……Shanghai, already seriously injured, slammed up, dragged the evil spirit spear in his hand to the rear, and once again killed the evil man.Anonymous magic!A spear swept out, still the strongest power.boom……

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