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Like a basic magical skill, in a special state, the three perfect fusions have evolved the prototype of thousands of magical skills. Although it is only a prototype, it has exerted a power beyond imagination, and this prototype is far from the Tianyu God Emperor. The level of evolving thousands of magical skills is still far short. If the basic magical skills are really cultivated to the point where they can evolve thousands of magical skills, they will surely surpass all the magical skills, even the first grade of magical skills may not be able to Comparable.

Prior to this, Shanghai had been carefully observing the situation of the descendants of the downed gods. With a keen sense, he noticed that these descendants of the downed gods were not shot down by people, but seemed to be affected by some kind of illusion. As for the concrete How, it will be clear after setting foot on the mountain.Ling Xuan Fox and Ling Xuan Yu are the fastest, both of them are good at body skills, and they have already pulled the people behind by ten feet.Ling Xuanya and the third elder brother followed closely, and the others were located in the third party formation.However, the speed of the Golden Gods was not much different, and the eight people were only about ten feet apart, and they were in line with the second square where Ling Xuan Ya was located.What\’s the use of rushing fast? If you can get to the top of the mountain soon, many people have rushed to it, and they will not be knocked down one after another.That is, rush faster and be eliminated faster.The children of the Jinshen clan sneered, they still acted according to the plan in an orderly manner, and they did not rush because of a moment of anger.At this time!The two Lingxuan Foxes, the only first phalanx, have already stepped into the engulfing area. The moment they stepped in, their speeds instantly slowed down, and their complexions became cloudy and cloudy, their eyes distracted, like As if drunk, he swayed from side to side.The second elder brother, Lingxuanhu, is better, but Lingxuanyu is already swaying, his face is flushed, his pupils are spreading around, and the speed is getting slower and slower. In the end, almost like ordinary people, striding hard, and his body It was also swaying quickly from side to side, seeming to be avoiding something, occasionally his expression revealed panic and fear.Ah… Ling Xuanyu let out a scream, and then his whole body was shaken out.Fifth…Fifth brother!The Ling Xuanhao and others at the back were shocked and were about to take a shot. Ling Xuan Yu suddenly settled in the void, then was transferred out by a force and landed at the foot of the mountain.Weed out! The beautiful woman said without any emotion.Hearing this voice, Ling Xuanyu who had just reacted was slightly astonished, and his face was full of frustration. Unexpectedly, he was eliminated after only three or four miles. This pair of him came to him who was full of confidence. Said it was a big blow, and this time it was not only an assessment, but also an extremely important competition.On the suspended platform!Ling Zhantian and the others had already seen this scene. The three elders\’ complexions changed slightly, and they couldn\’t help but sighed, while the children behind were slightly tight in their hearts. Unexpectedly, Ling Xuanyu would be the first to be eliminated. Yes, and just stepped out.On the other hand, Jin Youqian, a smile appeared on his face at this moment. He was very happy to see that the children of the spirits and gods were eliminated, but he was most concerned about the elimination of the spirits and spirits, but the end of the competition. The scene behind the kowtow.Bang!

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